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Don't Miss a Text with the New Zendesk & SMSBump Integration

The Zendesk Support & Shopify integration arms your agents with all the information they need when replying to customer inquiries without having to leave Zendesk.

This in turn, reduces context switching and increase agent productivity. Everything you need lives in a single location, so that communication between you and your customers is efficient, relevant, and personal.

Get Started Fast

The app integration process is simple and straightforward and you can setup the connection between SMSBump and Zendesk in a couple of minutes.

From SMS Chat to Zendesk Tickets

Automatically create tickets in your Zendesk support system whenever a customer responds to a text message.
(Requires enabled Chat)

From Zendesk Tickets to SMS Chat

Works both ways, whenever you reply to a ticket opened by the integration, the customer will receive a text message reply to their SMS conversation.
(Requires enabled Chat)

Track Conversations in SMSBump

The conversation between you and your customers in the Zendesk support tickets will also be mirrored in the SMSBump Chat if you decide to carry out the conversation there.

SMSBump Features

Grow Subscribers

Design custom signup forms and popups to grow SMS subscribers.


Ultra-precise segments for flawless targeting and SMS personalization.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Launch high-converting SMS campaigns that get read.


Enable the two-way SMS Chat to receive text messages, drive sales, and energize support.

Customer Retention

Automate sequences of text messages with product images, GIFs, and powerful CTAs.

Personal Discounts

Send individual discount codes for percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping deals.

SMS Marketing Automation

Boost customer retention and Shopify revenue on autopilot.

Data & Metrics

Analyze SMS marketing metrics to launch smarter campaigns.

The ROI on SMS messaging is outstanding, and SMSBump makes it super-easy! The options are great, and the support is outstanding and fast.

Lee K.

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