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How to View and Understand Your Yotpo SMSBump Analytics

Yotpo SMSBump Analytics give you the most key metrics to track the performance of your SMS marketing strategy. View total orders, total revenue from text marketing campaigns and automations, SMS link clicks and much more.

How to Review Your SMS Automation Performance in Analytics

Track your SMS Automation revenue, statistics, orders and total URL clicks on the messages you automated for abandoned cart reminders, customer winback, product upsell or any other automatic SMS notification in your Shopify store.

Reviewing Your SMS Marketing Campaigns in Analytics

The Analytics feature in Yotpo SMSBump allows Shopify store owners to get a detailed look at what Automations and Text Marketing campaigns are bringing them and help them make effective decisions for the future.

How to Read SMS Flows Data in Analytics?

Use our latest Analytics Flow tool to review information on past purchases and flow performance so that you can easily adjust your strategy and improve your future text marketing campaigns!

Understanding your Subscriber Collection Performance in Analytics

Our Subscriber Collection Analytics is here to help you gain key insights on how many people have subscribed (or unsubscribed) from the different SMS opt-in tools you use, which countries they come from, what are your growth rates per source, and more.

How to View and Understand Yotpo SMSBump Reports

With the help of Yotpo SMSBump reports, you get quick and easy access to useful data that will help you track and analyze the performance of your overall text marketing efforts.

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