Effective SMS Marketing for Shopify Stores

Drive more revenue and sales with the #1 SMS marketing app on Shopify. Trusted by over 90,000 businesses worldwide.

SMS Marketing Automations

Create unbeatable SMS experiences for today's mobile shoppers

Send the right message at the right time

Text shoppers when they need it the most: as soon as they make a purchase from your store, abandon their cart, receive products, and more.

Make money while you sleep

Automate sales with over 30 built-in SMS flow templates. Send engaging text messages that build relationships and boost revenue on autopilot.

SMS Marketing Campaigns

Launch SMS campaigns that sell

Craft catchy text messages and pair them with captivating visuals to turn subscribers into long-term customers.

Not an SMS expert? We got you covered! Use our built-in Campaign Planner packed with actionable high-converting SMS templates to never miss another sale.

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Evgenia Valieva, co-founder of Embla

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Suhail Rivera, founder of Alkaline Herb Shop

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Bishoi Khella, co-founder of TruWood


Precise segmentation & targeting

Target the right people and turn data into sales

Build narrow consumer segments with 40+ data points based on demographics, product preferences, and shopping behavior.

Seamless integration for a rich customer experience

Connect directly to your Shopify store and all Yotpo products to enrich customer profiles and achieve first-class targeting.


Connect your favorite Shopify apps to unlock even more features.

We partner with top Shopify apps to provide you with an extended reach and more functionalities.

Connect to email service providers to grow your audience. Integrate help desk systems to provide excellent customer support. Install advanced checkout solutions to boost conversion rates and drive more sales.

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Sara Finance, Influencer

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Kamil Sattar, Influencer

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Dan Vas, Influencer

"Yotpo SMSBump is going to be your new best friend. The open rates are high, so you’re more likely to get a better ROI. I love the app and recommend it to increase sales."

Doni Brown, Influencer


Build an engaged SMS audience in no time

Meet subscribers where they are

Capture site traffic with powerful pop-ups, floating buttons, or footer forms. Turn social media followers into SMS subscribers with just a tap via the social opt-in or the sign-up page. Use QR codes and keywords for various cross-channel campaigns.

Offer personalized on-brand experiences

Each of our tools comes with an easy-to-navigate editor and built-in compliance verbiage. Choose from top-performing templates and customize them to match your brand’s look and feel. Add your logo and tweak the copy — all in under five minutes.


Analytics you can trust

Get complete visibility into your SMS performance with actionable insights. Monitor relevant metrics such as revenue, ROI, orders, costs, and subscribers growth to optimize your SMS campaigns, automations, and flows on the spot.

Track every step of your success and define winning strategies with real-time downloadable reports and advanced SMS attribution logic.


Spark two-way conversations with SMS Chat

Offer stellar customer support

Enable shoppers to text you back. Address their needs and get all their questions answered in real time to boost engagement and loyalty.

Manage all replies in one place

Connect to renowned help desk solutions such as Gorgias, Zendesk, and Re:amaze to streamline the entire customer support process, maximize loyalty and engagement.

Start growing today

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