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How to Add Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns and Automations

Yotpo SMSBump lets you give your current or potential customers different types of personal discounts:


  • Fixed amount

  • Percentage

  • Free shipping


It’s up to you to select the appropriate type of discount for your specific promotion.

This article will walk you through the process of Adding Discounts to boost your sales and expand your customer-base.



Adding Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns & Automations

From the Yotpo SMSBump side menu, select Automations or Text Marketing, start a new campaign and scroll down to the text message editor. Scroll down to Message and tick the Add discount box.




From the popup menu select the type of discount you’d like to offer.

Unique Code per Client (Recommended)

Every customer will receive a different discount code which will make possible for the store to identify the customer upon check out.




This could be:


  • Fixed amount - Enter a specific amount you’d like to give to your SMS recipients as a discount. For example, to give $5 OFF simply enter “5” in the Discount value field.


  • Percentage - Select percentage discount and enter the Discount value to create a discount that will deduct a percentage off the total purchase cost in your recipient’s checkout.


  • Free shipping - when selecting this, you can choose whether the discount will be applicable to all countries, just the country of your store or the rest of the world, not including your store’s country.


Same Discount for All

If you tick Same discount for all clients, you will be able to select a standard discount for all customers.


Simply choose a discount code from the drop-down menu in the Discount code configuration box or search for a specific code by typing its full name.


Note: This will only show if you have predefined discounts.



How to set up a predefined discount

  • Click on Discounts from the Shopify menu 

  • Then click on Create discount code.



  • Next, fill out the Discount code textbox with the code you’d like your customers to receive (e.g. ABCDE) 


  • Scroll down to Types and select from one of the options (fixed amount, percentage, free shipping) 

  • Go to Discount value field where you type in the discount’s size 



  • Click Save discount code at the bottom of the page and you are all set 


You can then select the Embed the discount code in a link, which will lead the customer to your store with the discount already populated. Leaving the URL field empty will create a link straight to your home page, or you can paste the desired URL to a section of the site that you want your SMS recipients to visit.


Once you have selected the type of discount you’d like to give to your customer, click Add discount code to save your data and apply it to your text message. 


Upon adding the discount code, a {DiscountCodeUrl} short code will automatically appear in your message. 

Don’t forget – the discounted link should be placed according to your message content. And make sure to always select Automatically shorten link to avoid extremely long URLs.


Pro Tip: We recommend also including the {DiscountCode} field in the actual message as this increases your discount visibility and makes it easy for users to shop after they have gotten your text message on a different device. 



Important: if you choose to use the same discount for all customers, make sure that you use this discount just for your text marketing purposes, but not across all of your other communication channels (such as email, social media etc.). This way you can track the performance of each channel and campaign separately and more precisely. 

Overview Your Campaign

To send out your campaign, click on Review and Send Campaign to go over everything one last time and see how your message will look like.




In the Campaign Overview section make sure all green check marks are ticked, which lets you know that all the parameters have been met and your message is ready to go. 


Click Edit if you’d like to make amendments to any setting.




Under Campaign Overview you can see all the details and cost before sending.




Tracking Your Discounts


You can track your discount campaign by going to the Discounts page on your Shopify. There you will find information about:


  • The type of discount - fixed amount, percentage or free shipping

  • What does it apply to - the entire order, specific collections, specific products

  • Usage limits - if one discount can be used multiple times and by multiple customers, or is it limited 

  • Start and end date of the discount campaign 


The Summary section on your right will give you more succinct information about your discount campaign. 


In the Performance section you can track how many discounts have been used and by how many customers. 




In the Analytics section on SMSBump, you can view statistics relevant to your text marketing campaign and automations. 




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