Anti Spam Policy

SMSBump definition of Text SPAM

We consider any unwanted text message (SMS) or image message (MMS) as SPAM.

Report abuse to SMSBump

If you believe that you have been messaged without prior consent, want to report abuse or violaton of our service, please reach out to us. We take SPAM very seriously and will investigate your report immediately and will terminate the client's account if they do not adhere to our Anti Spam Policy.

How to unsubscribe from a SMSBump campaign

SMSBump allows you to quickly opt out from any future message of a brand by simply replying with STOP, CANCEL, OPT OUT. If you are a client outside of the USA and Canada you will need to unsubscribe by clicking on our unsubscribe link which always looks like If you need more information on opting out you can reach out to us.

SMSBump Anti Spam Policy

SMSBump has no tolerance when it comes to SPAM. If we suspect a campaign is violating our anti spam policy, we will terminate the campaign immediately and block the user's account.

Last Modified: May 31, 2021