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How to Enable Abandoned Checkout Reminder

Abandoned Checkout Reminders allow you to contact shoppers who have left items in their online carts at checkout. This powerful SMS automation will help you send a personalized text message to your subscribers shortly after cart abandonment and urge them to come back and finish their purchase. 


Abandoned Checkout Reminders have proven to be one of the most effective eCommerce solutions to recover abandoned carts, increase retention and boost conversion rates.


This article will teach you how to create an Abandoned Checkout Reminder from scratch or simply enable preset automation. 



How to Enable Automated Abandoned Checkout SMS Reminders? 


In the Yotpo SMSBump dashboard menu, click on Flows & Automations and then Automations.



Here you’ll see an overview of all your automations. You can make a new one from scratch by clicking on the Create new button. Or you can edit and activate the predefined Abandoned checkout reminder automation by clicking on the pen button in the Actions section.




Important: Remember that abandoned checkout reminders will be sent only to customers who are SMS subscribers.


Regulations for US shoppers


Before we dive in, we must inform you that to comply with the CTIA regulations when sending an abandoned checkout reminder to US shoppers, merchants are allowed to send just 1 message within 48 hours of checkout, and it must include opt-out verbiage.


That is why when activating abandoned checkout automation, Yotpo SMSBump users will get the following warning:





Step 1: Choose an automation name


The first thing you’ll need to do is give your automation a name. You can copy the Type field to do it - for example, Abandoned Checkout Reminder 1.




Step 2: Choose type


From the Type drop-down menu, select Abandoned checkout reminder.




Step 3: Set Delay


You can choose to Delay your message from the toggle switch. Just type in the number and choose between minutes, hours, and days (e.g., 5 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day, etc.) Keep in mind that the maximum delay you can set is 7 days, and the minimum is 5 minutes. If you prefer to leave it disabled, the abandoned checkout SMS reminder will be sent out immediately after abandonment. 




Step 4: Craft your message


This is where you put the content of your text message. It will serve as a reminder to shoppers of their abandoned carts. A pre-written message will appear in the Text message box, but you can always change it up a bit. 




Important: Some mobile carriers require opt-out language in text marketing messages to prevent spam complaints. To make sure you stay compliant at all times, the STOP to opt out verbiage (or unsubscribe link for numbers outside the US & Canada) is automatically included in your message. Make sure you don’t delete it by accident before saving your automation. If you do, you can always add it from the checkbox below the text box.  


opt out


Keep an eye on your message length. A Standard SMS contains up to 160 characters and an MMS - up to 1600 characters. The SMS counter will show you how many text messages per subscriber you will send if you exceed the limit.


Step 5: Make your message visual 


You can add an image to your message by clicking on the image box in the bottom right corner of the text editor



You can choose between GIF images, animated stickers, free photos, uploaded photos from your device, or an image grid with all products your customers left in their shopping carts. Currently, this feature is available only for US recipients. Subscribers from other countries will automatically receive a standard text message.




Important: All files should be JPEG, PNG, or GIF, up to 1 MB in size and 1000 px in resolution.


Step 6: Add a discount


Adding a small incentive in the form of a discount to your abandoned checkout reminder will nudge shoppers to come back to your store and complete their order. It can be anything from a 5% discount, $10 gift card, or free shipping. To do that, just click on the Set up button as shown below.





Step 7: Choose recipient


Choose who will receive the message: Customer or Admin.



Step 8: Preview and test your message


The message preview on the right lets you see how your text message will appear on recipients` phones. You can also send yourself a test message by clicking on Send test message and make sure that everything works the way it is supposed to - remember to always double-check your links and shortcodes!




Step 9: Save automation


Now click on the button to save and enable your automation. 




A pop-up window will suggest replacing the Stop to opt out verbiage with an unsubscribe link that will add 15 additional characters to your message. If you plan on sending messages outside the US & Canada, we advise you to make the change


event settings


Your new Abandoned Checkout Automation is now enabled and will appear at the top of the list of automations. 



Automation Analytics


You can easily track how your abandoned checkout automation is performing by clicking on the chart button in the Actions section. 




Our detailed Automation Analytics will help you gain insights on important metrics such as automation revenue, cost, conversion rate, and more.


This was our tutorial on how to create and enable abandoned checkout automation in Yotpo SMSBump. Visit our Knowledge Base for more useful articles, or contact us if you have any questions or feedback.


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