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Lists & Segments

Overview of the Yotpo SMSBump Lists & Segments in Shopify

Manage your SMS marketing subscribers in Yotpo SMSBump using the contact lists and segments for Shopify. You can create new lists where you collect your subscribers and use the advanced segmentation options to create target audiences and narrow them down.

Introduction to Creating SMS Marketing Segments

Find out how the Segments feature in Yotpo SMSBump can help you target specific customers during your text marketing campaign. Get an overview of the steps required to create a new segment in the Yotpo SMSBump app.

Setting Customer Behavior Rules in Segments

This blog post explains how to segment your customers based on their specific behaviors. Follow the steps to learn how to use this feature, in effort to better target your customers and reach higher sales.

Setting Customer Attributes Rules in Segments

In Yotpo SMSBump you can segment customers based on assigned tags, their account status, and the date created. In this help post you will learn how to segment customers based on specific attribute categories.

Setting Customer Location Rules in Segments

Learn how to segment your Shopify customers based on their location. This Yotpo SMSBump feature will allow you to target your customers on specific holidays, through different languages, and give discounts based on cultural interests.

Setting User Actions with Yotpo SMSBump Texts as Rules in Segments

Read this post to find out how to use the Yotpo SMSBump filter in segments, so you can target customers that are stored in the app. Follow the steps to create a new segment with the Yotpo SMSBump filter.

How to Create Engaging SMS Experiences with Yotpo Loyalty Segmentation

Get acquainted with the Loyalty segmentation filters and shortcodes in Yotpo SMSBump, and how to add them to your messages.

Combine Multiple Lists and Segments for Optimal Customer Targeting

Shopify merchants can now combine multiple preexisting lists or segments to turn them into one master segment, which will additionally narrow down your target audience.

Target Customers Based on Gender With Our Segmentation Filters

Learn how to activate our gender-based filter and start sending your customers only relevant offers.

Create Synergetic Segmentation With Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Reviews

Enable brands to engage their audience based on key data like average reviews sentiment and average star rating using data points from Yotpo Reviews directly into SMSBump.

View the reviews from happy Shopify merchants worldwide who succeed with SMSBump.

Build your SMS marketing strategy. Grow your text message subscriber lists. Segment your audience and automate SMS marketing messages that boost your revenue and ROI.