How to Filter Contacts in Your Predefined Lists

Learn how to easily segment your customers in SMSBump for more effective SMS marketing campaigns. Better targeted messages have a much better impact.
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How to Cancel Your SMSBump Subscription

April 7, 2017
To cancel your SMSBump subscription, you need to go to your PayPal account.
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Recent Interview on Using Text Messages for Marketing

How to approach text messaging marketing in 2017. Read the latest tips and tricks.
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Importing Numbers in SMSBump the Proper Way

Importing lists can be challenging as most E-Commerce stores do not require clients to input their country codes. We are excited to introduce a brand new feature - the phone number validator!
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SMS Marketing in Bigcommerce - How to Target Your Audience with Customer Groups

After you have installed SMSBump in your Bigcommerce store, find the Bulk Messaging tab in the app settings. You will see three fields - From, To and Message.
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SMS - Your New Channel for Flawless and Lightning Fast Customer Service

October 28, 2016
As a customer of multiple brands, have you noticed an increasing number of text messages sent to your smartphone by businesses? They might not even be advertising or marketing texts necessarily, they can simply be notifications for transactions, reminders for appointments or for support purposes.
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How to Use the Opt-Out Feature of SMSBump?

October 12, 2016
Along with every marketing campaign, whether it is over email or SMS, you should give users an easy way to unsubscribe from your messages.
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Why & How to Buy a Dedicated Number for SMSBump

A dedicated number is something quite valuable for your SMS marketing campaigns. SMSBump allows you to acquire one so you can start receiving messages, instead of just sending them.
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How to Track Your Progress with the Analytics in SMSBump

When you are running an SMS marketing campaign, or just using text messages to send notifications to your customers, tracking them is key to success. This helps you gather the valuable data you need to plan the next steps of your campaign and take the right decisions.
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