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How to Create and Enable SMS Automations

SMS marketing automations can include abandoned cart recovery reminders, customer winback automations for inactive customers, order, shipping and payment updates and more. Here's how to create a new SMSBump automation and customize the properties.

How to Enable Abandoned Cart Recovery with SMS Automation

Does your Shopify store have hundreds of abandoned carts waiting for their owners to proceed to checkout? This article will give you an overview of how to send automatic reminders with SMSBump to customers who abandon their carts.

How to Use the Personal Discounts in SMSBump

You can offer your SMS subscribers a fixed amount, percentage, or shipping discount on products, collections, or variants in your Shopify store. Learn how to create, use and edit your Personal Discounts in SMSBump to embed them in abandoned checkout URLs.

How to Use Order Delivered SMS Automations for Great Customer Care

The Order Delivered Feedback automation is one of the best ways to both get customer feedback and make customers feel valued for choosing your brand. Let's see how to set it up.

How to Use Automatic Shipping Confirmation Text Messages in Shopify

The Shipping Confirmation Automation in SMSBump allows Shopify merchants to keep their customers in the loop about the progress of their order.

How to Activate Product Upsell with SMS Automations?

Use the Product Upsell Automation by SMSBump to sell more products to your customers. Set up the product triggers by following these simple steps.

How to Win Customers Back with SMS Automations?

Learn how to use SMSBump to create an Automation that sends your customers a text message after a certain period of inactivity. Combine it with time-sensitive incentives such as discounts or free shipping to win your customers back.

Cash On Delivery Payment Verification with SMS Automations

Enable the Cash on Delivery SMS automation to notify customers they've chosen this payment method and ask them to confirm. Let's see how!

Keep Customers Informed with the New Order Automation

The New Order automated SMS is meant to inform the customers that they have successfully placed an order.

How to Set Up an Automation in BigCommerce

Send customers automatic SMS notifications when certain events are triggered such as an order status update or an abandoned cart reminder.

Setting Up a New Subscriber Confirmation Automation

Greet your new subscribers with a warm welcome and turn them into regular customers.

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