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Holiday Shopper #1: In Flies the Early Bird

She loves Christmas. L-O-V-E-S it. She's also super organised and likes to stay on top of her game. So naturally she started her Christmas gift planning already in...August. By now she might be done with the bigger part of her list. BUT. The Christmas cheers got to her and she is still on the hunt for some nice and memorable gifts for her loved ones.

Yes, dear merchants, you heard me right, don’t give up on the early shoppers just yet!

E-commerce has really empowered this type of shopper and that seasonal creep where people are buying things earlier and earlier. That’s because value is far more important to them than the feeling of “Yay, December’s here, this is when I buy all my Christmas presents”.

Early birds represent those 19 of the shopping demographic which like to complete their gift list in one fell swoop, most often as early as the end of summer.

Still, early birds are the most traditional type of shoppers, and prefer the experience of shopping at a physical store to surfing the web. The fact that they start early on means it’ll be even harder for online stores to stand out from the crowd, because your early bird shoppers do their due diligence before they decide where to shop from. 


How to Get Them? 

They might have bought most of their Christmas presents already, but this doesn’t  mean that the early shoppers won’t indulge in some nice offers. After all, when all Christmas presents are already wrapped and it’s not even December yet, this means one thing only - more personal time. 

One tactic you may use is to target them directly - make sure you emphasise that the offer you are sending is especially for them, not their mum or child, but them only. Arm your texting vocabulary up with words like "your", "you", "special", "you deserve", "spoil you" etc.


{SiteName}: Hi, {FirstName}, you are on our Nice List this year! Treat yourself to something nice from our winter collection and save 10%: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOPXXXXX to opt out. 

Also, they might have bought their presents already but why not offer them an extension to these items. Upsell strategies can be very successful to convert sales in December. Offer complimentary items based on their purchases in the last 2 months. Pick their spirit up with a nice discount and see your purchases piling up like Christmas presents.

One of the ways to appeal to this group is to make your product description really eye-grabbing but also emphasise product scarcity. That could pull early shoppers out of their cocoons and convince them to spend an extra buck or two. 


{SiteName}: Our pre-season sale is ON, {FirstName}! Hurry and grab our special offers before somebody else snags them: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOPXXXXX to opt out. 

Just as important, however, is for retailers to stress the convenience of shopping with them. Make it easy on them - simplify your checkout page, enable SMSBump chat to make yourself available if they have a questions etc.

One last thing you could try out is to capture this shopping demographic through loyalty programs. You know how the saying goes - early bird gets the worm. They'd love to get special rewards for being smart enough to plan ahead. Rewarding them by offering special pre-season offers or exclusive, limited-time access to a special product or service on your store, will make your early birds feel confident that they made a good choice with you.

Make sure you gear up your store with one of the many loyalty program providers out there to provide the ultimate sales experience. SMSBump has a running integration with LoyaltyLion - an award-winning customer loyalty provider and Shopify plus partner. Check out the rest of our awesome integrations and bump up your account to make your customer's journey even more enjoyable. 


{SiteName}: Hey, {FirstName}, you have {LoyaltyLionPoints} unused points in your account. Start your Christmas shopping early and exchange those for some memorable gifts. Reply STOPXXXXX to opt out. 

Give Your Christmas Campaigns a Flying Start! 

Need some last-minute inspiration and good ideas on how to create the perfect Christmas-themed SMS? We've done the heavy gift-wrapping for you and have put together a couple of SMS templates to make you shine bright like the star on your Christmas tree this jolly season! 

Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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