Have a Merry Christmas with Our Santa-stamped SMS Templates

It is Christmas! Well, almost. But love is in the air, inspiration and jolly tunes are flowing out of every part of our bodies and souls. You can smell the hot cocoa and the freshly-baked cookies, and you can almost sniff out the presents. Oh, and your living room got even brighter after you put up your Christmas tree.christmas_tree

We’ve officially entered the holiday season! 

And as good hosts, we would like to treat you to some of our free Santa-approved SMS templates. We promise you - they are candycane-sweet, and will get some good sales rolling while you just sit on the couch with a nice cup of eggnog. We even gave them sassy names because... it’s Christmas... so why not.

Are you ready for some SMS that will only get you some serious action?

The “Wake me up before it go-goes”  

When you deal with early birds and try to get on their “To watch” list, or better yet - to have them make a purchase with you right away, you should take Urgency out of the closet.  Flash sales are meant to get customers to act fast and make a direct purchase. Let them know how much time the sale will last, make sure it’s less than 48 hours, and also mention low inventory.


  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, our 48h Christmas flash sale starts NOW! Use code {DiscountCode} and enjoy {DiscountValue} off selected items. Ho-Ho-Go! {DiscountCodeUrl}


  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, make it a December to remember with our festive Buy One Get One Free promo. Available for a limited time only at: {DiscountCodeUrl}


  SMS Template 3:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, Christmas is coming. Enjoy our holly-jolly bundles with a {DiscountValue} discount - valid until the end of the week: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


The “I MUST have this”

About half of your early birds spend a great deal of time researching before making up their minds. You will see them putting their holiday shopping list together as early as October, and the reason behind it is to beat the holiday rush and avoid standing in long lines right on Christmas eve. And this is a significant deciding factor that stores should keep in mind when sending early offers.

  SMS Template:

Don't wait in line, {FirstName}! Make smoothies instead! Get your Christmas presents early with a gift from us - {DiscountValue} off on all items in your holiday basket: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


Early birds are hard to catch because they are very mindful of where they purchase from. These people usually know exactly what they want to buy, and it is no coincidence they signup for your offers - this means they saw something special, and they don’t ever want to miss out on your promos. The greatest chance to win them over is to offer them a store-wide or collection sale instead of a special offer for a particular product.

When running a pre-holiday exclusive campaign, it is essential to tap into your customer’s fear of missing out. Make it even more effective by provoking their emotions, running on overdrive, especially around the holidays. On family holidays like Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, etc., people’s decisions tend to be heavily influenced by the desire to make their loved ones happy. 

  SMS Template:

Hey {FirstName}, get your mom a stylish porcelain set this Christmas with {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} Hurry, before other daughters snag them! 


The “All I Want For Christmas is THIS” 

Yes, this is precisely what an excellent discount can do to a deal-seeker - make them think that this phoenix-feathered broom is what they have always wanted for Christmas. Their imagination will make them feel that the best way to spend their Christmas morning is to sweep with their awesome new cleaning addition.

  SMS Template:

Want to shine bright like a diamond this New Year' s Eve, {FirstName}? Find the perfect dress with our mega sale - up to {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


“Good discounts” is a relative term, though, and the value that characterizes a “good discount” varies from store to store. This is why we always advise stores to tailor the discount based on your business structure - if you are usually generous with your discounts throughout the year, then something like 60-70% will seem like a good deal. On the other hand, if you are more mindful of your offers and only discount specific items, even 20% could be very persuasive.

To make a successful Christmas concoction, add a few words about how much they’d be saving by buying from your store. 

  SMS Template:

Wanna buy all your Christmas gifts without going bankrupt, {FirstName}? Enjoy {DiscountValue} off on selected items: valid only in the next 48h! {DiscountCodeUrl} 


The “I am Special, and I know it” 

Ah yes, the oldest trick in the book - exclusivity. No matter where we are from, how old we are, what we do for a living -  we like to be treated with special deals, tailor-made just for us. The feel you get… it’s like putting on a dress that falls effortlessly onto you. It’s sleek, and it makes you feel reeeeeeal good. 

Showing them how YOUR offer is the exact fit for them or their loved ones, and not just that - but it is made specifically for them… now that’s playing to win.

To have your subscribers feel special, let them know that what you are offering them is of limited edition or quantity (“only 200 ever produced” etc.), or that it is part of an exclusive collection, it is hand-made and can be personalized, or that it is available only to the most loyal customers

  SMS Template:

Treat yourself to a nice gift this Christmas, {FirstName}! Be one of the 100 people to try our latest blend with a special {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


The “We know you forgot. We got you covered.” 

While the early birds were carefully planning and the deal-hunters were binocular-scouting, the procrastinators were chilling on their sofa, binge-watching “The one where they left their kid behind three years in a row,” sipping tea and not having a care in the world. Until December 23. That’s when the panic begins.

For all those late-bloomers who just can’t seem to be able to plan out their holiday shopping, emphasize how you are ready to provide them with safe, convenient, and fast service, and that if by some complete accident something went south - you are there for them 24/7. Provide them with expedited shipping, or for B&M buyers - offer them to order their gift online and pick it up in store to save them the hassle of having to stand in line.

Pro tip: Make it even easier for them to decide. Build a “last-minute gift selection” on your website, where your last-minute shoppers can quickly pick something to save them from a very awkward family Christmas dinner. Don’t forget to enable the SMSBump chat in case they need to reach out to you. 

  SMS Template 1:

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, we heart Santa is on his way with gifts! Browse through our selection of last-minute presents: wrapped with joy. {SiteUrl} 


  SMS Template 2:

{SiteName}: Forgot to get gifts? At least you didn't forget your kid! Grab some of our last-minute bonus offers with FREE expedited shipping: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


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