Customer Segments: SMSBump Introduces Subscription Source Targeting

The SMSBump Segments keep growing!

We just added a new way you can segment your customers based on where they subscribed for your SMS deals and promotions.

Let’s start from the top.

By default, all the customers who subscribe for SMS updates in your store are automatically added to the predefined list called Text Marketing List.

SMSBump Segments for SMS Marketing Personalization

But you're smart...

You already know that sending personalized text messages is better than blasting out the same message to all your customers.

So you want to segment that group of customers and reach them with SMS promotions tailored to their behavior.

How do I segment customers based on where they subscribed?

One of the ways you can break down that big chunk of subscribers is the brand new segment called Subscription Source.

Target Customers by SMS Subscriber Source

Go to SMSBump Dashboard > Lists & Segments > Edit Segment > Select Filter > Is Part of a List

The new Subscription Source segment rule is available in the “Part of a List” customer filter.

It lets you segment your customers based on three main sources:

  • Subscription Form

  • Keyword Subscriptions

  • Checkout Process

Subscriber Source Segments in Shopify

Now you have more accurate data where your subscribers are coming from.

What do I need these segments for?

This kind of data helps you on several levels.

Grow your subscribers

First, you can now learn where you generate the most subscribers and which channels you might need to improve.

For instance, your Subscription Form doesn't generate enough subscribers.

Or maybe your Keywords aren't working that well?

Customers don't opt-in for your SMS updates at checkout?

Launch personalized SMS campaigns

This way, you can have three entirely different marketing tactics for each segment of customers.

For example, users who subscribed during checkout are engaged customers and are most likely to buy from your Shopify store.

Send them personalized SMS promotions with great value proposition and increase your conversion rates rapidly.

Try A/B testing for your texts to find the perfect message length, CTA and tone.

Happy texting!

Enjoy the new customer filter in the SMSBump segments and let us know how it's working for you! If you have any questions, send us an email or message us in Facebook!



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