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Bring the Christmas Spirit to Your Pop-Ups

The moment you start hearing jingles in your head is when you know it’s time to put up your Christmas decorations. You start off with the lights on the roof, then the reindeer in the garden, by the time you hang the holly wreath on the door, your house looks like a winter fairy tale..but your whole Sunday is gone. 

Luckily, getting the Christmas cheer to your store is much quicker and will leave no reminders of hammering nails in the wrong spots 

While redesigning your Shopify store theme might be a bit of a hassle, you can start off with the smaller things: 

  • Add a little cheer to your SMS campaigns

  • Spread joy in social media 

  • Lift the mood with festive pop-ups 

Putting a glow on your sign-up forms has never been easier.

With our Christmas templates you are set to shine brighter than the competition. 



Check out all the Christmas pop-ups to get inspired. Use the Editor to change the text and  visuals, so they fit the design of your store.


And in case you want to create your Christmas popups on your own - we’ve prepared a little cheat-sheet to help you with that, too. 


4 Tips to Create Pop-ups that Convert

Tip #1: Be mindful where you place them. 

There is a simple rule about pop-ups - they should never hinder a sale. When the customer is on their way to make a purchase, there is no need to offer them a discount or another perk. A pop-up in this case will only deter them from making a purchase. 

If you wonder where to place your pop-ups, start with your home page, blog and about us section


Pop-ups that convert well are the so called exit pop-ups when they are placed on the main or product page. Often times when customers leave a site is because of the price or the additional charges involved. Win the visitors back with free shipping or a small discount

Another effective way to use pop-ups is when you have a big product collection.You can prompt visitors to subscribe to your deals and exclusive offers, once they’ve scrolled through 60% of the collections page. After all, they must really be interested in what you have to offer if they keep scrolling down 

Tip #2: Make it visual

Grab customer’s attention with a powerful image. In general, the purpose of a visual aid can be twofold - to create emotional attachment or to provide additional information.

Images that evoke emotions are babies, pets, or special family moments. To increase the effectiveness of the pop-up, depict the people looking at your copy or CTA button. This way you increase the chance of your copy being read. Those work best when you sell exclusive or luxurious items such as jewellery, watches, perfumes.  

On the other hand, an image can also have more informative purpose - such as giving more context to the offer or revealing details about the product. These are most often depicted as discount information, unique characteristics, or simply a display of the product. Such type of visuals are proven to work best on every-day items such as apparel, shoes, cosmetics. 


Tip #3: Convey a clear message

Think of your pop-up as a two-way transaction. You are asking your customers to give you their email or phone number, so you should offer them something in return. 

Be clear about the deal that you are going to offer. Will they get a discount or free shipping? Are you giving them 1 free product? Always make it clear how can they claim it. 

A simple trick that will drive even more subscriptions is to visually make your offer bigger. And I do not mean just in size. 

If the average order value of a customer is above $100, use the discount in a flat value (e.g. $30), but if the products you sell are under $100, a discount in the form of percentage is the way to go. 


Tip 4: Mobile-first

As you have probably heard before around 40% of purchases are made via a smartphone. So make sure your pop-ups are mobile-friendly this holiday season. Always check how the visuals and the text are displayed on the phone, tablet too. 

You can even go a step further. Use our mobile-only pop-up templates which allow US and Canada customers to subscribe to your offers with just a tap on the form. The lack of fields to fill out will definitely increases the amount of subscribers. 

Now that you know the main tips and tricks about making exciting pop-ups, go ahead and check ours now. 

Let us know which one of them you decide to use! 

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