3 Ways to Use the Shareable Subscribe Link This Halloween

Trick or treat? Take a seat, Growth Tools are coming up your street! 

This post will give you some Halloween inspiration for a Shareable Subscribe Link that delivers just the right amount of spookiness to get your lists loaded with new SMS subscribers. 

If you’re new to Growth Tools and would like to learn how to create a shareable link and customize the subscription page it leads to, read here.


Social Media Posts

Statista predicts that by 2021, 3.1 billion people will be communicating through social media. Social media channels are a great way to reach out new subscribers with your shareable link as apart from growing your text marketing list, you will be building brand recognition and increasing inbound traffic. Here are a few ways you can make your shareable link visible on social media and tailor it around Halloween.


Facebook Ads

Facebook ads help you target and reach specific audiences. It’s a great marketing tool to use for running a campaign on a specific product you know has an interest in a certain geographic region, is generating hype around an age range or particular social group. Of course, it takes a lot of experimentation and split-testing to master the perfect Facebook ad. 

Apart from strengthening your Facebook pixel with product ads, take the opportunity to announce your text marketing service and you might just gain subscribers who will stay with your brand for the long haul.




A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words

As Instagram’s strength is visual content, create an ad with a strong image that is attention grabbing. Keep the text to a minimum and be playful. For example, you could reassure your new SMS subscribers that they’ll always be your top priority, and you won’t ignore their needs and interests by “ghosting”. On the contrary, you’ll be sending them weekly deals of up to 75% off! Include your shareable link in your profile bio, and make sure to mention that in your post description.



A Tweet that Converts

Keep in mind that on Twitter, you only have 280 chars to convince your customers to become text marketing subscribers, so keep your tweet brief and actionable. Start off with a strong hook, then tell them the benefit of joining your text club this Halloween, mentioning the crazy amount of cash they’ll be able to save year-round. Wrap up with your shareable subscribe link.



Spread the Deals: Refer a Friend 

Encourage your current SMS subscribers to share you subscription link with their friends, and you’ll be able to grow your text marketing list twice as fast. New subscribers will be able to get in on the halloween discount that you set up in the new subscriber confirmation automation.

1. Head over to Automations and click on edit next to the standard New Subscriber Confirmation automation.

2. Leave the Delay as disabled as you want your automation to launch now to begin collecting subscribers straight away.

3. Add an image or GIF to make your message more engaging  (currently available for U.S. recipients only). You can upload your own, or choose from Pexels and GIPHY.

4. In the Text Message field, greet your new subscribers with a “BOO” and a spooky emoji. Don’t forget to include your store name so your new subscribers know who the message is from.




"BOO! Thank you for subscribing for the {SiteName} text VIP club. Get your $15 discount code here: {DiscountCodeUrl} Good for all purchases on our site. Max 4 msgs/week. Msg & Data Rates May Apply. STOP29757 to opt out."


5. Add your exclusive halloween discount code, which will appear as a link.

6. Click on Save to update and launch the automation. Great job! Now every new subscriber will receive your Halloween deal when they join your text marketing club. 

Remember, you can change the text message back to the standard one when your campaign is over, or recraft it when a new holiday comes along.


Announce a Halloween Flash Sale

Looking for a double win? Tie in your subscription page with a Halloween flash sale and launch it a day after you share your link. By taking this approach, you will be able to immediately start building a connection with your new subscribers. Make sure you add a funny image or GIF to grab your subscriber’s attention and show a bit of personality.

Flash sales are effective because they push customers to act fast, as they only run from a few hours to a couple days max. This urgency may even lead them to stock up on additional items. Learn how to increase your sales with the power of product upsell automations.


“Hey Tim, don’t let our FLASH SALE roll past you! All denimwear is 40% off for the next 24 hrs! Shop now, while quantities last! {DiscountCodeUrl} Reply STOP00000 to opt out."

Get Creative this Halloween

Halloween has never been such a great marketing opportunity to grow your text marketing list as now with the Shareable Subscribe Link. Take the chance to feature your link in your Halloween campaign and shock your customers with frighteningly irresistible deals converting them into loyal shoppers and lifelong SMS subscribers.



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