Planning Your BFCM SMS Marketing Campaign in 2018 (Free SMS Templates)

Black Friday is just around the corner and E-Commerce stores worldwide are already building up the hype for their marketing strategies. Everyone wants to get the most out of the craziest shopping weekend of the year.

Team SMSBump is here to help your Shopify store get the best out our app.

In this post you get:

  • 6 Free BFCM SMS Templates
  • 7 Influential Steps for Planning Your Black Friday SMS Strategy
  • Additional Examples and Phrases to Apply to Your Marketing Messages


Let’s get into it!

2018 is about to be the biggest year for mobile sales ever

Did you know that last year in the UK, 40% of the £1.4 billion that was spent online was in favor of mobile, overtaking desktop sales for the first time ever?

That tells us that consumer trust in mobile shopping is increasing rapidly and it looks like 2018 is about to break all records for mobile sales.

As you can guess, SMS is one of the key players here and we’re about to show you how to get a major piece of the action this Black Friday.

Time for fast, personalized and precisely-timed marketing messages that will dominate the 2018 E-Commerce BFCM game.


98% of all SMS messages get opened!

Statistically, nearly every single text message you send is opened by your customers.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to craft Black Friday deals that are so irresistible and easy to get so that your customers can take the action you want as soon as they see your message.

90% of SMS messages are viewed within 3 seconds!

Almost all text messages get viewed by their recipients within 3 seconds of getting them.

This is a crucial advantage especially during the BFCM weekend when your customers will be bombarded with marketing messages. With SMS, you know your customers will surely see your special offers and act quick especially when they see those big juicy deals on their lock screens.

​6 Black Friday SMS Templates to Inspire Your Marketing Strategy

Take these free SMS templates and twist them around any way you want so they fit the Black Friday deals of your Shopify store.

Shopify BFCM SMS Marketing Idea Five

{SiteName}: It’s coming, {FirstName}! Expect Black Friday deals up to 50% OFF sitewide. We’ll be waiting for you at



Shopify BFCM SMS Marketing Idea One

{StoreName}{FirstName}, you can be the first to get our Black Friday deals! Use code BF18:



Shopify BFCM SMS Marketing Idea

{StoreName}: Black Friday Sales Start Now! Deals up to 50% OFF! Use code BF2018 at



Shopify BFCM SMS Marketing Idea

{StoreName}: You know the pair of shoes you always wanted? This Black Friday you can get them at 40% OFF with code BLACK18:



Shopify BFCM SMS Marketing Idea

{StoreName}: Black Friday is here! 35 OFF Sitewide all weekend long! Start shopping:



Shopify BFCM SMS Marketing Idea

{StoreName}: Black Friday Sale ends tonight! Last chance to get your 40% OFF in


Top 7 Guidelines for Your Marketing Messages to Hit the Spot

We put together some killer tips to help you make sure you build your messages just right so they have full impact and increase your sales this BFCM weekend.

1. The Call to Action

Make sure your CTA is clear and enticing, such as:

Black Friday SMS Marketing CTA

2. The Timing

Timing is crucial for any marketing channel, especially for SMS. Hit them at the right time to get maximum engagement and conversion:

  • Announce when the sale will start: Our Black Friday SALE starts at midnight!

  • Announce when the sale goes live: It’s time! Black Friday sale starts now!

  • Announce when the sale is closing: Sale closing soon, don’t miss your last chance!

3. The Customer Loyalty Reward

Give an extra incentive for your loyal customers like:

Black Friday SMS Marketing Customer Loyalty

4. The Target

Segment your customers to make sure you’re on target and your campaign is a success. Use the new SMSBump Segments and customer filters to define the perfect audience for each of your deals!

5. The Tone

Your brand voice is one of the most recognizable assets of your business. Black Friday is all about the hype and excitement of the huge discounts and sales, so use your own tone to show how excited you are (without overdoing it):

Black Friday SMS Marketing Tone

6. The Landing

Even if you send the best possible marketing message, if you fail your customers while they’re landing on your site, it’s all for nothing. Make sure your website and product pages are ready and you’ve clearly announced your Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales and discounts vividly.

You can also use the spike in traffic to run some A/B tests on different offers on your landing pages during the weekend to see which ones perform best.

7. The Recovery

Using SMS to eliminate abandoned carts is one of the best ways to get that huge bonus revenue this Black Friday.

The BFCM shopping craze is gonna leave tons of lost and abandoned carts behind, but with SMSBump you have the upper hand:

Black Friday SMS Marketing Abandoned Carts

Get your abandoned cart automations set and your unique offers covered well in the messages so customers realize you’re the store to choose if they want the best possible deals.

Start prepping!

You now have enough ideas and inspiration so your Shopify store can get better results this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When you see the numbers at the end, you’ll be able to transcend that success into your whole strategy, not just for holidays, but for the whole year and the future. Let us know if you have any questions!


Get Those BFCM Sales Rolling!



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