New SMSBump Pricing - More Value for Clients and a New Plan

Regular payments for online software services can be a bit frustrating in some cases. For instance, SMS marketing software can be a very profitable investment, but it’s not something you constantly use on a daily basis.

That’s why, we decided to rethink the way that you use SMSBump. Are you using it for a given number of SMS messages you can send? Or you are using it for the features it offers?

The old pricing plan

Our old pricing plan included a total of three options - Standard, Priority and Custom.

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The Standard plan was free and it included standard message delivery, a preset sender number and $1 credit. The basic function was to send SMS messages.

With the Priority plan, you had a bit more options such as custom sender numbers and names, a bigger signup credit, and an option for receiving messages and VMS.

The Custom plan only included whatever you want to include, at a custom price.

SMS Pricing

What was the problem

The problem with the older plan was that you had to pay separately for the volume of messages and app features. It’s a bit frustrating to pay extra for some of the vital features you might need for a successful SMS marketing campaign. Instead we wanted to give you more value for your money.

The custom plan was well… custom. Clients rarely had the right mix of things they want in hand so this was not the most popular choice. So, we thought that things had to change.

The new pricing plan

SMS Message

First of all, you should know that we use an individual SMS message pricing for every country. You can select the country you are sending to from this menu and check with the pricing for text and voice messages.

US SMS Pricing

As you see, the pricing automatically adjusts to the country you select.

UK SMS Pricing

This is how the new SMSBump pricing plan looks like.

It still has three major options and this time, we took things in a different, more cost-effective direction for users.

What we want to emphasize on is that with SMSBump, you get both the features and the credit you pay for on a monthly basis as store credits. No need to pay for features and texts additionally. We believe that this is fair for our thousands of users.

To give a brief overview of what we did, we increased the bonus signup credit for the Premium Plan (which is one time) and also gave the option to convert their payment to credits they can use for both transactional and bulk messages.

SMS Marketing New Pricing

The new addition is the Priority Plus plan. Let’s examine the way it works and what you can do with it.

This time around, the monthly credit for sending messages is larger, which means you have a greater volume of prepaid messages to send out. An important thing to remember here is that the monthly credit is being reset for each new month.

Not only is the volume of messages increased, but you can also receive messages, which is a vital moment for SMS marketing campaigns. Sending messages to potential customers is just the first step. Yes, we provide a free virtual number to choose from. In this way customers can respond to your campaigns. (This feature is also available to purchase under the Priority Plan).

Another new cool thing for users is that the Plus plan has a 10% discount on all messages you want to recharge. This is valid for every country we support. In other words, whenever you are recharging, your messages will cost 10% less than they usually do.

How we solved the problem

SMS Marketing

With the new pricing, we believe we are fair for what customers are trusting us for. To get both the volume of messages and the key features together in a single plan and payment.

There is another important thing to know - we believe in open, transparent and fair relationships. We don’t want to tangle you with long term, impossible-to-break relationships. If you want to stop using the service you can unsubscribe at any moment with absolutely no hidden fees or additional costs.


SMS Pricing Plan

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