How to Improve Customer Retention with SMS Chat

SMS is a great way to reach your customers at the place that matters the most to them - at their fingertips. It’s cost-effective and mighty powerful. 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent, making SMS perfect for real-time and personalized communications to actively engage with your customers and avoid churn.

Let’s look at what are some other advantages of text messages: 

  • SMS messages have a whopping 98% open rate.You can rest assured that your message will be seen and read by your customer.
  • Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.
  • Nearly 30% of customers will respond to your SMS messages, and nearly 50% of respondents will make a purchase.
  • It is quick. The average person takes 90 seconds to reply to an SMS, but 90 minutes to respond to an email.


SMSBump recently introduced a brand new set of updates on our SMS Chat! Shopify store owners can now view their customer’s profiles and data while texting for an even quicker response time. 


In this article we will give you three examples of how to use SMSBump Chat to communicate with your customers so they are satisfied with their Shopify experience, feel valued and remain loyal to your brand. 

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Real-time Customer Support

SMS chat gives you the opportunity to be at arm’s length when your customer needs you. Are they having some questions regarding their order? Did they receive the wrong size shoes or simply want to ask you if you have a certain item in stock?

Either way, texting is the quickest way to have proactive conversations with your customers, send them fast responses and answer multiple questions, without taking forever to do so. They will appreciate that you are there for them when they need you the most, armed and ready with all the answers.

On top of being one of the fastest means of communication, SMS chat is one of the easiest and it comes as the most natural way for most people nowadays. chat_conversation_example_SMSBump

SMS support is a win-win for both customers and support agents, as it also allows them to multitask. While customers are looking up documents, records etc. they may need before responding, the agents can juggle multiple conversations at once, eliminating the need to put either side on hold.

Fast, easy and convenient SMS real-time support is one of the key ways to delight your customers, give them a reason to stay engaged with your brand, and keep them coming back.

Bonus tip: For an even more problem-free and quick customer support, you can connect your favourite text messaging app with Gorgias helpdesk system - a  support platform that allows you to keep a constant eye on your SMS Chat even if you’re not currently in the SMSBump app. Each time a customer replies to any of your messages, it will also appear in your Gorgias system in the form of a new ticket, guaranteeing you will never accidentally miss a message. 

Personalized Customer Service 

Businesses, both physical and online ones, still have a lot to improve when it comes to mobile customer support. In fact, a striking 90% of customers say they have had poor experience seeking customer support on mobile, with 52% sharing they are less likely to engage with the company because of bad mobile experience. And failure to provide good support could lead to customer frustration and churn.

One way to battle this is to focus your energy and resources on offering personalized customer support. Personalized service on a consistent basis sets a standard of care that your customers appreciate and can set your Shopify store apart from its competitors. Some 66 percent of customers believe customer service is the biggest spending motivator, and a great 86% of buyers are willing to pay more if provided with seamless customer experience.

SMSBump can help you maintain a close relationship with your customers. One of the newest chat updates SMSBump introduced just recently is the Customer profile feature. It gives Shopify merchants a complete picture of whom you are talking with, providing you with all the necessary information to “put a face to the name”, such as your customer’s name, address, order history, number of orders, total amount spent at your store etc. 


This new development helps agents decide what approach to take with different customers, based on their history with the store, preferences etc., giving them a more personalized experience and the feeling that they are, in fact, speaking with a living, breathing human being, and not a robot. 

SMS Chat as a Way to Follow-up for Feedback

Feedback and continuous improvement are invaluable to a successful e-commerce strategy. Gathering feedback could be quite overwhelming, though, especially when trying to get the opinion of a disgruntled customer. But don’t forget - that feedback is just as important as the one coming from a happy customer! 

Asking for feedback is one of the ways to either win back or earn your customer’s loyalty. Actually, 97% of customers say that they are more likely to be loyal to a company that implements their feedback. And loyalty, more often than not, means increased customer lifetime value.

One of the ways to ask your customers for feedback is by setting up an Order delivered feedback automation. Send a friendly message asking your customer for feedback on their order. Let them know that they can reach out if they have any questions or comments by simply replying to the text message. 


Hey, {BillingFirstName}. This is Jon, owner of {SiteName}. Just wanted to personally reach out and ask how you like your recent order? If you have any questions or comments, we are always available at 617 XXX XXXX. Reply STOP to opt out.


Pro tip: Always remember to show your gratitude to those who respond to your invitation to share their thoughts! Offer them a small discount or free shipping with their next order just to let them know how much you value their feedback.

SMS chat could also be a way to follow-up with your customers, especially ones who have experienced some issues, and is of great importance both to you as a business and your customers. In fact, whole 56% of customers complain about poor follow-up.

SMSBump Chat can help you easily follow up with your customers!

Say, you just helped a customer resolve an issue with their order of the newest Adidas track suit and running shoes. Wait until they receive their shipment and go ahead to fire off a text, asking them for quick feedback - how do they like them, is everything alright with the order etc.

Within the context of these follow up conversations, you can even upsell by recommending products that match your customer’s unique needs, similar to the experience at physical stores. 

To Wrap it Up… 

SMS Chat truly has the potential to become one of the go-to ways to gain your customer’s trust and give them a reason to stay loyal to your brand. With a 90-second response time and a 200+% greater response rate than other mobile services, SMS Chat has positioned itself on the customer support landscape and is here to stay! 

So don’t waste any more time! Start building your game-changing SMS Chat customer support today!

Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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