How Personal Free Shipping Discounts Solve Abandoned Carts in Shopify

The leading cause of cart abandonment in the world of E-Commerce is unexpected costs at checkout, such as added shipping, tax and other fees.

After the launch of the Personal Discounts in SMSBump, we decided to add even more power to your cart recovery strategies.

Now you can combine your abandoned cart SMS automations with tactics to decrease your overall cart abandonment rates in the first place.

Free Shipping is now part of the unique codes you can launch with your SMS marketing campaigns & automations!

SMSBump SMS marketing automation: Personal free shipping discounts for Shopify

You can now use the personal discounts to send individual codes that enable Free Shipping for each customer in their checkouts.

Both for text message marketing campaigns and automations!

This way, the number one reason for high cart abandonment rates is no longer an issue and your customers will see no additional shipping costs on their way to completing their checkouts!

How do I add Free Shipping to my text messages?

If you’re already aware of the new Personal Discounts, you know how the discount creation works. If not, just take a look at this quick tutorial.

To begin, start by going to your SMSBump app dashboard and clicking either on Automations or Text Marketing.

SMSBump Dashboard: Free Shipping Discounts for SMS Marketing Campaigns & Automations in Shopify

In case you want to continue to Automations, you can either Create New Automation or click Edit on one of the existing automations to view the text message editor inside.

SMSBump SMS Automations: Add Free Shipping Discounts to Text Message Automation in Shopify

In case you’re going with Text Marketing, select the type of campaign you want to launch and click Choose to continue to the text message editor.

SMSBump Text Marketing: Add Free Shipping Discounts to SMS Marketing Campaigns in Shopify

In both cases, your automations and text marketing campaigns show the same text message editor where you can add the Free Shipping unique discount.

Continue by clicking Add discount.

Free Shipping: Add personal free shipping discount codes to text messages in Shopify

A popup will show you the personal discount options you have for embedding Free Shipping into the links inside your text messages.

1. Select Unique code or same discount.

2. Select Free Shipping from the Discount type.

Personal Discounts: Select Free Shipping to add a unique discount code to text messages in Shopify

3. Select the countries to apply Free Shipping for.

4. Embed the Free Shipping in a specific link or for your entire website.

Free Shipping: Select countries or worldwide for free shipping discounts in Shopify

When you’re ready to go, click Add discount code!

Now your discount will be added to your text message where you’ll see the link displayed as {DiscountCodeUrl}.

This will be the link you configured in the discount popup, so if you want this link to lead to either a specific product or category, go back to the popup and paste the link you want to promote with your text message.

Free Shipping Discount: Add Discount code URL to text messages in Shopify

So, you can see the type of discount you’ve added to your text message in the editor and see how it’s going to look like when your subscribers receive it in the preview.

In our tutorial, we just added a worldwide free shipping discount to our link that’s valid for the entire website and will lead customers to the home page of our Shopify store.

Powerful Free Shipping Incentive to Purchase

Powerful Free Shipping Incentive to Purchase

Free shipping is an all-time customer favorite when it comes to shopping online. Once you send a text message with an individual code enabling Free Shipping, customers will be much more encouraged to buy from your store.

Boost Abandoned Cart Recovery

Boost Abandoned Cart Recovery

Unexpected shipping costs are one of the most common reasons for customers to abandon their carts. Combine the powerful SMS automations for abandoned cart reminders with personal free shipping to get your forgotten checkouts completed!

Increase Sales & AOV while Lowering Cart Abandonment

Increase Sales & AOV while Lowering Cart Abandonment

Announce your special deals with a text message giving personal free shipping codes to each of your text marketing subscribers. Increase conversion rates, average order value and get more checkouts complete to decrease your overall cart abandonment rates!

Personal Free Shipping Discounts in Shopify

All of the personal discounts you create with SMSBump will be logged into your default Shopify discount codes.

You have the blue App label to differentiate between the different discounts easier and have all the details of each code so you can track them effortlessly.

Free Shipping: Unique SMSBump codes logged in default Shopify discounts

Say Goodbye to the #1 Cart Abandonment Reason

Check out the new Free Shipping unique discounts and start sending campaigns and automations that will be more attractive for customers to act on from the start without encountering any hidden or unexpected costs at checkout! Let us know what you think!



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