How To Create Personal Discounts For SMS Promotions in Shopify

Have you ever thought about…

How do I create a personal discount code in Shopify?

Well, in that case you know a thing or two about personalized marketing campaigns.

SMSBump is happy to announce Personal Discounts!

One of the latest additions to your SMS marketing & abandoned cart recovery toolset.

Unique discount codes are a great booster for converting as much customers as possible using text messages for abandoned cart SMS automations or your marketing campaigns.

The new Personal discounts in SMSBump enable you to automatically add unique discount codes to the links in your SMS automations & campaigns.

This way, each customer will receive their own special code that’s valid just for them.

Install SMSBump in Shopify

Introducing Personal Discounts for Shopify!

Reward your top and loyal SMS subscribers with unique discounts just for them. Send one or thousands of unique discounts and discounted links or use the same discount for all.

SMSBump Launches Personal Discounts for Shopify

Personal Discounts

SMSBump uses the default Shopify discount system to generates codes that are unique. Each customer will receive their own code.

Custom Code Pattern

Your discount codes will be created with a certain pattern. For example, if you create an SMS campaign for three recipients, their codes will be something like ABCDE, ABCFD, ABCMP.

Alternatively: One Discount for All

You can use the new SMSBump discounts to apply the same discount for all customers if that’s what you want. This will use your pre-generated default Shopify discount codes.

Important: if you go this route, make sure to only use this discount for your text marketing purposes, but not multiply it and use it across your other communication channels (email, social media etc.) as this might prevent you from tracking your campaigns' performance accurately. 

Type of Discounts

You can create percentage-based discounts or fixed amount discounts. Depending on your order value, the rule of 100 states if your item is less than $100,00, use a percentage discount. If it’s more than $100,00 then use a fixed amount discount.

Add Personal Discounts to Abandoned Cart SMS Automations

The unique discounts can be added to all your SMSBump automations.

Simply use the checkbox in the text message editor to configure the discount that will be embedded in your abandoned cart links.

SMSBump: Add a Personal Discount Code in Shopify

1. Select between Unique code or Same discount.

2. Select between Fixed amount or Percentage.

3. Select the discount value.

4. Embed the discount in any link.

The discount will be embedded in the link leading to the customer’s abandoned checkout so they can see the lower price in their order summary.

SMSBump: Select Unique Code for Discount Type in Shopify

Now after you’ve enabled your discount, you can use the {DiscountCode} short code to add the unique code every customer will get in the message.

This is so customers can see their personal discount code that will be valid just for them and their purchase.

Abandoned Cart SMS with Personal Discount for Shopify

In case you want to use the same discount for all customers, you will be able to choose from your default Shopify discount codes in this dropdown.

“Checkouts with a discount code raise conversion chances by 25%”

This works best for your limited time sales, special product deals, or minimum purchase amount discounts.

Add Mass Discount for All Customers in Shopify

You can create a Shopify discount just for your abandoned cart SMS automation and it will be displayed in the bar underneath your text message.

This way you’ll be sure you’ve selected the right discount code for the specific SMS automation.

Abandoned Checkout SMS Reminder with Personal Discount in Shopify

Launch SMS Promotions for Repeat Customers in Shopify

You can get your loyal customers to come back and shop more whenever you have a sale going.

Or maybe you have new arrivals you want to promote with a discount?

Embed Personal Discounts in a Link

Create a new Text Marketing campaign with SMSBump and you will be able to embed your discounts in specific links.

So, after you’ve enabled the personal discount and setup the type and value, you can now add any link you want from your store.

Shopify Personal Discounts for SMS Promotions

In this example, we’re leading our most loyal customers to a specific collection where the 20% discount will be applied automatically.

Once again, after your discount code is enabled and added to your message, you will be able to use the short codes for:

{DiscountCode} and {DiscountCodeUrl}

Make sure you add the {DiscountCodeUrl} in your text message so when your customers click on your text message promotion link, their discount will be automatically added to their summary.

Also important, always mention how much the discount is and you can also add the discount code short code so each customer will see their own unique code in the message.

Personalized SMS Marketing Promotions in Shopify

Monitor the Performance & Optimize

The SMSBump personal discounts work with your Shopify discount system. So you can overview the results and optimize your promotions as you go in the Discounts section in your Shopify administration.

Each discount created by SMSBump is logged in there and you can view all the unique personal codes that you app sent to customers.

Here you will be able to track the activity and keep up to date with the conversion rates.

Shopify Discount Code System

The discounts will have the “App” label so you know which discount codes are created by SMSBump.

By clicking on View all codes, you will see all the unique personal codes that were sent out to your customers via SMS.

You’re Ready!

That’s it! We hope you like the new SMSBump! We believe this will make it much easier for you to start your SMS marketing promotions from the app and add the discounts much faster to your abandoned cart SMS automations. Let us know if you need anything!



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