13 Shopify Brands and Their SMS Marketing Strategy for Women's Day

International Women’s Day is just around the corner and you might be wondering how to use this opportunity to engage with your audience in a fun and creative way.

Check out our selection of 13 amazing brands that leveraged the occasion to send powerful text marketing messages to their subscribers. Learn their stories, steal the tricks, and get inspired for your Women’s Day SMS campaign. 


Teddy Blake

Teddy Blake sells leather bags with high-quality Italian leather and stunning designs.

The brand’s mission statement: “Luxury can be affordable”. Simple, yet powerful.

And so is their SMS strategy.


{SiteName} wishes you a happy Women's Day! Celebrate with up to {DiscountValue} off here: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: A cheerful, brief, and straight-to-the-point message is a proven recipe for success. Combine a clear call to action with a mind-blowing discount to maximize results.


Eleven10Leather and Designs

Eleven10Leather and Designs aims to create “a community of women who feel their best with accessories that don’t weigh them down, and are as unique and beautiful as the women who wear them.“

As a brand with a strong focus on personalization, their SMS strategy for Women’s Day certainly does not fall short.


{SiteName}: Hey there, gorgeous! It's International Women's Day and we are celebrating YOU! Today and tomorrow, take {DiscountValue} off your earring order with code: {DiscountCode}. Visit {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: Turning to your customers with their first names makes your message super personalized and creates a feeling of a deep connection between them and your brand. The themed discount code “GIRSLRULE” is also a nice touch.


FLOW Essentials

FLOW Essentials is a small team of young entrepreneurs dedicated to helping local communities through organic farming partnerships. The brand sells sea moss gels and gummies and is donating $1 of every purchase to charitable organizations. 

The secret to their successful SMS strategy for Women’s Day - early access.


{SiteName}: Happy International Women's Day! To celebrate women everywhere, early access to our Spring sitewide sale starts NOW! ❤️ Use code {DiscountCode} at checkout for {DiscountValue} off your purchase → {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: Start your sales campaign for Women’s Day as soon as possible! Give shoppers early access - it will help you grab the attention of early birds and give plenty of time for the rest of the flock to benefit from your amazing offers.


The Rose Gold Flamingo

The Rose Gold Flamingo offers mobile lightroom presets: one-click photo editing filters that people can apply to their Facebook, Instagram, or family album photos. The brand partners with multiple social media influencers and bloggers to create fun and engaging content for customers.

“Fun and engaging” also perfectly describes their Women’s Day SMS campaign.


{SiteName}: We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with {DiscountValue} off sitewide! Use code {DiscountCode} today thru Monday 3/8! ✨ We will be donating 10% of all profits to a wonderful non-profit called Futures Without Violence. Shop Now: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: The Rose Gold Flamingo combined a Women’s Day promotional discount with a charity campaign which shows the brand’s dedication and commitment to important initiatives. Also, emojis are always a great way to make your SMS campaign more entertaining and memorable. 



Calmoptics products are designed to protect both kids and adults from the harmful effects of blue light in today’s digital world.

And what is another “harmful effect” of our all-digital reality? The lack of personal contact. Calmoptics added SMS to their marketing stack to engage with their audience in personalized 1:1 conversations and create a deeper connection with their customers.

Check out their super successful Women’s Day SMS campaign in 2 simple steps:


Pre-women's Day campaign:

{SiteName}: Make the special women in your life (including you!) smile with {DiscountValue} OFF! Code: {DiscountCode}. Link:{DiscountCodeUrl}

Last chance campaign:

{SiteName}: 27 coupons left... time to treat yourself! Buy 2 kids pairs, get 1 adult FREE! Code: {DiscountCode}. Link: {DiscountCodeUrl}


Key Takeaway: Plan a pre-Women’s Day and a last-chance SMS campaign to maximize success and drive more sales.



S’Attraction uses innovative solutions to bring Hollywood glam to the daily lives of modern busy women.

Their secret? Magnetic eyelashes that help women complete their makeup and look fabulous in just a few seconds.

Their strategy? A 2-step SMS campaign sprinkled with lots and lots of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 


{SiteName}: Today is International Women's Day! Make this day even more special for you or the fabulous ladies around you with our sweet SALE. Save {DiscountValue} storewide with code {DiscountCode}. The sale lasts until March 10th, so hurry! Shop here: {DiscountCodeUrl}


{SiteName}: Our International Women's Day Sale ends tonight! You still have a few hours to SAVE {DiscountValue}. Use code {DiscountCode} here: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: Using phrases such as “hurry up,” “sale ends tonight,” “you still have a few hours to save” will create a sense of urgency and nudge shoppers to visit your store and hit the “Purchase” button.


Earth Fed Muscle

Earth Fed Muscle sells high-quality supplements and is committed to a sustainable business model.

For Women’s Day, the brand launched a 2-step SMS campaign focusing on free shipping. 


{SiteName}: Happy International Women's Day! Get {DiscountValue} on all orders today and tomorrow using the code {DiscountCode}. Tap the link to save: {DiscountCodeUrl} Deal ends March 9th at midnight. Don't forget your free gifts in the cart!

Last chance: 

{SiteName}: LAST CALL for free shipping! This year, we celebrated International Women's Day with Free Shipping on all orders. Use the code {DiscountCode} or tap the link to order by midnight and save: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: If you don’t want to provide a percentage-based or dollar-value discount, free shipping is also a great way to incentivize shoppers to purchase from you. Combine it with “free gifts in the cart” to make your offer truly irresistible. 



UNBOWED aims to fight unrealistic body images in social media by promoting body positivity and inclusivity. Their high-quality apparel and fitness supplements align with the brand’s concept for a healthier lifestyle, better nutrition, more personal development, and community empowerment.

UNBOWED launched a themed flash sale for Women's Day and communicated it with their audience via SMS.

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we are honoring all the women in our pack with a STACK FLASH SALE! TWO stacks to choose from, but hurry... the sale ends in THREE HOURS! ⏳ This is only offered to our VIP Wolf Pack and can only be accessed by clicking here: ⬇️ {SiteUrl}

Key Takeaway: Grouping products in bundles is a great way to boost your store’s AOV and clear off the shelves from slow-moving products. The VIP-only offer will make shoppers feel special and will help boost loyalty. 



EDEN LUXE Bridal’s products bring back the forgotten experience of long-lost luxury, elegance, and old-world bespoke service that comes wrapped up in beautiful paper and beribboned boxes.

For Women’s Day, the brand decided to send an SMS campaign with a themed spin on one of its best-selling products: the tiara.

eden luxe bridal_SMS_marketing_SMSBump_Women's_Day

Hi {FirstName}! {SiteName}: This International Women’s Day "Crown" yourself and the other special women in your life with a thoughtful gift. We LOVE how confident, empowered and fabulous we feel when adorned with a tiara  -   that's what this day is about! While you are at it, take advantage of our site-wide sale: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: When launching an SMS campaign for a special event such as Women’s Day, always try to tailor your offer and messaging to the occasion. 


Family Box Co

Family Box Co is a fast-growing brand focused on offering sentimental, unique, and high-quality gifts for every personality and budget. Gifts that inspire relationships and strengthen relationships.

For Women’s Day, Family Box Co targeted specific segments of engaged and converted customers, resulting in low costs and higher conversion rates. 

family box_SMS_marketing_SMSBump_Women's_Day

{SiteName}: Give the special women in your life a thoughtful gift, {FirstName}. Make them feel confident, empowered and fabulous - all that this day is about! Plus save {DiscountValue} off your gift when you use the code {DiscountCode} for orders $70.00 and above.{DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: Use segmentation to send tailored offers to specific customer groups. Adding a special incentive over a particular threshold is always a great way to boost sales and increase AOV. 


Haute Punk Boutique

Haute Punk Boutique sells beautiful and creative apparel, accessories, and cosmetics. The brand is highly influenced by the punk subculture, and its goal is to merge beauty, fashion, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy - all wrapped in one.

Haute Punk Boutique used Women’s Day as an opportunity to send an SMS announcement that a fan favorite is back in stock.


{SiteName}: It's Women's Day and Lady Locs are back! Use code {DiscountCode} for {DiscountValue} off 2+ til midnight. {DiscountCodeUrl}

Key Takeaway: Be creative with your text marketing campaigns. Use every opportunity to promote a product, make an important announcement, or create engaging customer experiences.  


Wave Soda 

Wave Soda offers low-calorie products with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The company focuses on extensive rewards and refer-a-friend programs and gives away 1% of their annual sales to a local non-profit organization dedicated to keeping every beach clean and accessible.

Their Women’s Day SMS campaign fully resonates with the brand’s mission.


{SiteName}: Happy International Women’s Day! Today at Wave Soda we are celebrating all the amazing women in history who helped to make this world a better place for us, plus all the women who are working hard every day to create a brighter future for generations to come!  Learn more about some of the women who help make Wave Soda what it is today: {SiteUrl}


Key Takeaway: Some of the most powerful SMS campaigns are not focused on sales. They are meant to show appreciation, educate or inspire.



JuvaBun’s ultimate goal is “to make women feel good about themselves at all times and places.” Their buns are super affordable, come in 15 different colors, and most importantly - keep women’s hair strong, shiny, and healthy.

Check out their 2-step SMS campaign, focused on celebrating women:


{SiteName}: Women are AMAZING! SAVE {DiscountValue} in the store today in our National Women's Day Sale using code {DiscountCode} here:




{SiteName}: Only 15 hrs to SAVE {DiscountValue} in our National Women's Day Sale! Ends 23:59 PDT. Use {DiscountCode} for a BIG discount:


Key Takeaway: Notice anything different? This campaign was actually sent for National Business Woman Day in September. JuvaBun is doing a great job reminding us that there are many special occasions throughout the year to show our appreciation to women and International Women’s Day is just one of them.

What's Your Women's Day SMS Strategy? 

This was our selection of 13 creative text marketing campaigns for Women’s Day. Try to implement some of those ideas into your strategy but don’t forget about the countless opportunities to send a creative text message year-round. Bookmark our Campaign Planner and watch out for more exciting SMS examples that might just be the source of your next successful campaign.


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