10 Text Marketing Templates to Boost Sales this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is on our doorstep, and it’s not only an opportunity for people to make their moms feel appreciated and loved, but it’s also a chance for businesses to make some extra revenue. Despite the global pandemic, sons and daughters still want to treat their mothers to something special and show her love and support. Even more so if they’ve been separated for awhile and haven’t been able to see each other. Then, it is even more important to make their moms smile. :)

Soon, email inboxes will be brimming with Mother’s Day emails, social media will be flooded with cute images and mom-inspired posts, TV advertising will even remind us not to forget about this special day. It’s a big retail holiday and you need to up your game to stand out.

One of the ways to do that, of course, is with SMS. Send your subscribers a very personal offer that will speak to them (and their mothers), give them a good incentive, or even share your gift ideas with them. Anything to make your text marketing noteworthy and ensure your subscribers feel special.

In this blog post we will give you 10 text message templates that will subtly play with your customers’ inner child, and will help them choose your brand for their Mother’s Day gifts. 


{SiteName}: Make your Mom proud for raising such a gentleman, {FirstName}! Our special “From Son to Mom” collection is here to help you be the best son a mom could wish for: {SiteUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out.

Pro tip: to make this message even more effective, use our newest Gender Segmentation to filter out all male customers and only target them. 


{SiteName}: There are different types of moms, {FirstName}. But no mom will keep calm at the sight of a sweet gift. Melt her heart with one of our selected gifts: {SiteUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: text messages with images (MMS) always grab the attention a bit more than a plain SMS, leading to higher chances of conversion. 


{SiteName}: Your mom always taught you not to leave today’s work for tomorrow, {FirstName}. Pick the best Mother’s Day gift in the next 12 hours, and grab our greatest deals: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: sense of urgency could be your greatest ally, especially for all those who might have postponed buying their gifts until the very last day. And still need a gentle push to do it. 


Mother’s Day is coming but our deals are already here, {FirstName}! Scroll through our Mom-umental gift collections and surprise her like never before. We’ve got a special treat for you at checkout, too: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: puns are always a good addition, as they grab one’s attention, especially if they are event-related. 


Here’s a little secret: your mom LOVES surprises. But it’s no secret she will love our gift ideas! Just pick the right fit and get it at 15% off: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: good discounts, specified up-front, will get more subscribers to click on your link any day. 


{SiteName}: Have your mom celebrate her special day like the Queen she is, {FirstName}! Shop our Mother’s Day collection. Great deals await: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: on the other hand, keeping the amount of discount a “secret” until subscribers get to your page, is another great way to build anticipation. 


{SiteName}: Every mom deserves a day off from being...well, a Mom! Treat her to something special and make her Day one to remember: {SiteUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: regular plain SMS will be effective, especially when you pair it with a copy that taps on your customers’ desire to, in this case, make their mothers feel appreciated. 

{SiteName}: Treat your mom with a stylish gift, {FirstName}. Nothing says “You are special” better than our exclusive Mother’s Day surprise collection. Now at special prices: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: Did somebody say “exclusive”? We LOVE exclusive stuff. Everybody does…so make that the centrepiece. 


{SiteName}: Sprinkle some love on top of your mother’s special Sunday morning pancakes, {FirstName}. Get her a gift to show your appreciation for being the best mom in the world: {SiteUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: emojis are just awesome and would make any SMS/MMS more playful and catchy.


Celebrate your Mother with {SiteName}, {FirstName}! Check out our Mother’s Day gift guide for inspiration: {SiteUrl}. Use code MOM to get her a special present, at a special price: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Pro tip: using personal discount codes will make your subscribers feel extra appreciated, as it’s a special discount, used only for this special occasion.


Make this Mother’s Day Count! 

Our Made-for-Mom SMS marketing templates will bring joy to your customers and the special women in their lives. But will lighten up your store’s sales, too.

In times when brands are going extra heavy on conventional promotions, reaching subscribers on their phone is the most direct and personal way to make a memorable impression. And win them over as customers. 

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Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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