Number Appears to Be Incorrect? Top 3 Mistakes When Sending SMS to a Single Country

Are you getting errors when trying to send SMS to users from your country? Or users from a single specific country?


This short blog post will help you solve that problem. We will also explain what are some of the other most common mistakes.

If you are using SMSBump on Shopify, Bigcommerce or WordPress for sending messages to a single country, you have to make sure that the option to “Send short messages only to specific country” is Enabled.


Mistake #1 - Incomplete number

An incomplete number is every phone number that is below 10 digits.

If you are sending a message to a number that has been incorrectly typed, it will not be delivered. You might be doing this mistake by missing a digit in the number.

Example: if the number is 555-333-999, you might miss the last digit (9), which will fail the sending of the message.

Mistake #2 - Longer number

A long number is one that exceeds 15 digits.

If you are attempting to send a message to a number that is longer than needed, the message will not be received. If you accidentally add a digit to the recipient’s number, this means that your SMS will not be delivered.

Example: if the number is 555-333-999, you might accidentally type an additional digit (9) at the end.

Mistake #3 - Missing Country Code

This is the most important part and most common error.

If you want your messages to be delivered to the right customer, each number you input must have the customer’s country code before the phone number. This is mandatory even if you are sending SMS to customers in your home country.


Whenever you are sending SMS to a single country, always enable the setting (Send short messages only to specific country) from the Settings tab. This also includes the scenario where you are sending SMS messages within your home country.

If you still have any issues, make sure to contact our support team, or leave us a comment below.

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