50 SMS & Email Templates for Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Campaigns

The biggest sales week of the year is just around the corner, and by now, you must be frantically gearing up. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday should be something retailers are thinking about day and night, with online merchants even more so.

Many eCommerce brands have already started rolling out their best deals, so you need to make sure your business stands out in the busy crowd. Naturally, one way to do this is to reach customers directly, communicate with them one-on-one, and win them over with great deals, catchy copy, and a strong CTA.

We’ve prepared for you 50+ SMS & email templates to help you do just that, starting now and until after Cyber week is well behind us. 


Black Friday Warm-up: November 4th – 12th 

If there’s one thing that's certain is that every year Black Friday promos start earlier and earlier. Make sure your brand cuts through the noise early on so that when the actual day comes, it remains top-of-mind for shoppers. Launch a teaser campaign, give them a sneak peek into your special Black Friday collection, or simply start the conversation by reminding them about the day that’s just around the corner. 

SMS templates

It’s the month of bold discounts and big savings! Start it off with a {DiscountValue} offer from {SiteName} and stay tuned for more major sales: {DiscountCodeUrl}

{SiteName}: Our Black Friday warm-up sales have begun. Early deals for early shoppers. Shop them all with discount code {DiscountCode} for an extra {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Get a jumpstart on Black Friday with code {DiscountCode} and get {DiscountValue} off your purchase from {SiteName}: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Looking to let off some steam after a busy day, {FirstName}? Our annual Black Friday sale just started! Head over to {SiteName}, kick back and enjoy: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: Why wait for Black Friday when we have all of November, {FirstName}? Our pre-BFCM sale launches today with discounts of up to {DiscountValue} off. Go, go, go: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Email template

Rise and Shine!

We’re rewarding our favorite shoppers with early Black Friday discounts. Make any purchase before November 10 and use the code “RSNSHN” to get 20% off your order at checkout.

BFCM SMS Email template

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VIP Early Access: November 15th 

Up next is a nurturing campaign. Segment out your most loyal, long-term, or highest-paying customers and give them early access to your Black Friday deals. Emphasize the exclusivity, special offers, and overall – give customers the feeling that these pre-BFCM SMS deals are just for them. Incentivize them to shop now by putting a time limit on this sale: 2 days should give them enough time to deliberate and enough push to get them to buy soon. 

SMS templates

Black Friday started early at {SiteName}, {FirstName}. And this is your special invitation. Click the link for access to countless deals available just for you: {SiteUrl} 

Being {SiteName}’s subscriber pays off, {FirstName}. As one of our most loyal customers, you’ve earned early access to endless Black Friday deals. Enjoy: {SiteUrl}

{SiteName}: It’s time for a Black Friday Preview into some of this year’s BFCM exclusives. Get right to it, sale ends in just 12 hours: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: Pssst…. we just dropped an EXCLUSIVE Black Friday Collection. Get it before it goes! {SiteUrl}

24-hour flash sale at {SiteName} just for our most loyal customers. Everything must go in a flash, {FirstName}. ⚡ Get to it pronto: {SiteUrl} 

Email template

Order Before November 15

We want you looking flawless through the holidays! Make sure you complete all orders before Nov. 15 to receive your products before the holidays.

BFCM SMS Email template

Find more BFCM SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner.


VIP Early Access (Final Hours): November 17th 

Give your loyal customers one last shot to take advantage of their skip-the-line access to your Black Friday deals. Segment out the ones that didn’t make a purchase from your previous campaign and reach out to them again with a punchy reminder. This is the moment to rely on their fear of missing out and provoke their urgency by letting them know it’s the final hours of your early Black Friday sale. 

SMS templates

{SiteName}: Final hours of our exclusive Black Friday sale, {FirstName}! You’re part of a selected bunch of shoppers to get our best deals early, so don’t miss out on this opportunity! Shop now: {SiteUrl} 

The clock is ticking, {FirstName}! ⏰ {SiteName}’s pre-Black Friday sales are coming to a close. Don’t waste another minute, check our site and take advantage of our deals before everyone else: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: Did you miss our last message, {FirstName}? Don’t worry, we like to follow up. Our early Black Friday sale is ON for another 24 hrs, so head over to our site and get your hands on some great deals: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: What are you waiting for, {FirstName}? Our early Black Friday sales won’t last forever. We’re running out of the best deals fast, so you have only 24 hours. Get {DiscountValue} off your order if you shop now: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Email template

2 Days Only!

Jessica, as our favorite VIP, we’re giving you a quick sneak peek at what’s available this BFCM. Get it early before it’s gone!

SMS Email Template

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Black Friday 48-hour Countdown: November 23rd 

Time to go even heavier on the Black Friday talk and remind your entire SMS subscriber list that Black Friday's hours away. Continue building urgency and FOMO, encourage shoppers to put together their wish lists, and get more involved with the upcoming event. Point them to your Black Friday collection and spark anticipation by letting them know more offers will follow in the next 48 hours, so they better keep their eyes open. 

SMS templates

{SiteName}: We love to be ahead of everyone else, {FirstName}. That’s why our Black Friday sale is LIVE now. Get your shopping done now: {SiteUrl}

Ready for some shopping, {FirstName}? Get a head start on your Black Friday splurge with promo code {DiscountCode} for {DiscountValue} off from {SiteName}. Shop first at: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

{SiteName}: We can’t keep it to ourselves any longer. Our Black Friday sale is now ON, {FirstName}. First come, first serve, so better hurry! Mind-blowing deals of up to {DiscountValue} off await you at just a tap: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

{SiteName}: Black Friday is almost here! Get a sneak peek into our exclusive BFCM early bird selection and shop with {DiscountValue} off your order. Today only. {DiscountCodeUrl} 

{SiteName}: What’s selling out fast but constantly being renewed? Our Black Friday sale, of course. No need to look elsewhere, check out our early BFCM collection and stay tuned while we add more and more deals to it: {SiteUrl}

Email template

The Countdown to Cute

Here are some of the goodies you’re about to see in two days. Put your favorites in your cart now, and then check out on the big day for massive savings!

SMS Email template

Find more BFCM SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner.


Black Friday: November 25th

The day is here! Starting today up until the Wednesday after, you should go big and bold on your discounts, copy lingo, and CTAs. Make sure you reach out to your SMS subscribers at least three times – roughly every 8 hours. FOMO and scarcity are powerful allies in increasing conversions. Go for single-item promos instead of bundle deals – save those for after Black Friday to help clear up some inventory. Communicate them to all of your SMS subscribers and email, no exceptions. 

SMS templates

{SiteName}: We’re kicking off Black Friday with our biggest sale of the year, {FirstName}. No joke, up to {DiscountValue} off sitewide: {DiscountCodeUrl}

{SiteName}: It’s Cyber week, {FirstName}. Every day, from now until Monday, we’ll be adding new sellout deals. Keep an eye out for the offers of the year: {SiteUrl} 

Tomorrow’s Black Friday, {FirstName}. Avoid the crowds, shop online at {SiteName} and with {DiscountValue} off. But fast, sales run through Sunday: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

It’s Black Friday. Need we say more, {FirstName}? Head to our site and choose from over X of our finest deals. Up to {DiscountValue} off on selected items: {DiscountCodeUrl}

Ready or not, it’s here. {SiteName}’s Black Friday sale is ON and we’ve got some extra special deals for you. ✅ You’re almost there: {SiteUrl} 

Don’t shop until your drop, {FirstName}. At {SiteName}, we have everything you need for the perfect Black Friday shopping spree. Ready, set, shop: {SiteUrl}  

Email template

Our Best BFCM Bites

Everything (yes, everything) is discounted by 30% or more. These savings only last today, so shop before everything is out of stock.

SMS Email template

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Weekend Sales Campaign: November 26th

As usual, some shoppers might have turned a blind eye to all the marketing jibber-jabber or are simply late to the BFCM party. Let them catch up and get a juicy piece of the Black Friday pie even after the day is over but specify how long they have until the sale ends. November 26 is also known as Small Business Saturday, so if you’re running a smaller business, make sure to thank customers for their trust and encourage them to shop again to show support for your brand.

SMS templates

Hooray! Black Friday continues with an extended sale until Sunday, {FirstName}. All treasures on {SiteName}’s website are now at reduced prices. Ready to shop? {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: Our Black Friday sale is coming to an end, {FirstName}. Get our biggest discounts now, they won’t last much longer: {SiteUrl}

{SiteName}: Final hours! Our Black Friday sale ends in a jiffy, so don’t wait any longer. Click here and shop with a {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for being a loyal customer of {SiteName}, {FirstName}! As a way to show our gratitude and celebrate Small Business Day, please enjoy our extended Black Friday sale. For the next 24 hrs only you get a sitewide discount of {DiscountValue}: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Email template

Here's your walk-off homer

Our BFCM sales are still going strong — which means there’s still time for you to save. Be sure to take home some solid steals before the day is over.


SMS Email template

Find more BFCM SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner.


Cyber Monday Preview: November 27th

Notify customers that your sales bonanza isn’t over just yet. Remind them tomorrow is Cyber Monday and keep the anticipation alive. Let them know more deals are yet to come, so they should keep a close eye on your website (and their phones) for the ring that will announce them all. Emphasize they’ll have very little time to take advantage of these final sales, so they should act fast. 

SMS templates

{SiteName}: Ready for another round of sales, {FirstName}? Tomorrow’s Cyber Monday and we’ve prepared some exciting deals, so get ready to shop! Stay tuned and check our site: {SiteUrl}

{SiteName}’s Cyber Monday deals drop tomorrow. You don’t want to miss this, {FirstName}, it’s going to be epic! {DiscountCode} is your personal code for {DiscountValue} off sitewide, so don’t forget to stop by our site tomorrow: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Email template

Saving Is Stylish

We’re just not ready to say goodbye to the savings. Use promo code “WRAPPED” to take an additional 5% off your purchase at checkout.

SMS Email template 

Find more BFCM SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner.


Cyber Monday: November 28th

As one of the most significant sales events of the year, Cyber Monday deals will feature huge discounts, from high-ticket electronics to small home goods, once again expected to exceed the Black Friday sales. Being on the tail end of the larger holiday sales period, you can maximize Cyber Monday sales by igniting your customers' FOMO and motivating them for some last-minute purchases. 

SMS templates

{SiteName}: This is IT. We’ve saved our best deals for last. Buy from our Cyber Monday collection today and save {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl}

{SiteName}: {FirstName}, Cyber Monday sales start today and carry on until Wednesday. Last chance to shop unbelievable offers. Get right on it: {SiteUrl} 

This just in: Cyber sales at {SiteName} start now. You’ve got 24 hours to save big on your favorite items. Get it or regret it: {SiteUrl}

{SiteName}: {DiscountValue} off selected items just for the next 16 hours, {FirstName}. No code necessary, just tap here: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

DEAL ALERT from {SiteName}. Last-minute BFCM sales are happening now, {FirstName}. Over X items now at {DiscountValue} off. Grab them before they are gone for good: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

{SiteName}: You’ve got one more chance to get {DiscountValue} off everything, {FirstName}. Our Cyber Monday deals are here ‘till tonight or while we still have stock. Don’t miss it: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Shop big, save bigger with {SiteName}’s Cyber Monday specials. Up to {DiscountValue} off sitewide. Don’t wait, ends tonight: {DiscountCodeUrl}

{SiteName}: LAST CHANCE to get our best deals of the year. Check out our Cyber Monday specials, shop with {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Email template

Cyber Monday for Cyber Homes

Don’t miss out on these crazy savings that improve home safety and make your life a little more connected. Use code “CYBER” for an extra 15% off.

SMS Email template

Find more BFCM SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner.


Wrap-up Extended Campaign: November 29th

This last campaign is meant for all those shoppers who didn’t purchase anything during your BFCM escapades. While your big and bold CTAs might not have affected them, the upcoming Christmas shopping will definitely stir up some urgency and make them want to shop now to get ready for the gift-giving season. Consider running BOGO and bundle deals that will move inventory and drive additional cash flow. 

SMS templates

Cyber ciao? More like Cyber wow! Visit {SiteName}’s post-BFCM section and you might just find what you’re looking for. Oh, did we mention it’s a CLEARANCE? You know what that means: {SiteUrl}

After Cyber 5, at {SiteName} it’s time for everything-must-go Tuesday. Shop our special BOGO offers, available for the next 24 hours: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: We’ve got a lot of deals and you’ve got a lot of people to shop for. We call that the perfect match, {FirstName}! Shop our Black Friday bundle specials and make everyone happy, including your budget: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: You are on our nice list this year, {FirstName}. We’ve unlocked some last-minute BFCM deals for you. Get a hold of them here and do your Christmas shopping early: {SiteUrl} 

{SiteName}: Don't wait in line, {FirstName}! Get your Christmas presents early with a gift from us – {DiscountValue} off on all items in your holiday basket: {DiscountCodeUrl} 

Email template

It's giving and so are we.

We’re giving back to the queens that made this beautiful brand possible. With every purchase, we’ll donate $5 to the non-profit “Queens and Dreams.”

SMS Email template

Find more BFCM SMS and email templates in the Yotpo SMSBump Campaign Planner.


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