API and Code

Send an SMS message POST, GET

Sending an SMS message is one of the easiest operations in the SMSBump API. You just need to do a POST or GET request to the following URL with the required parameters in red below.


Required parameters
{apikey} You obtain an API key (also known as app) by signing up
{phone} This is the recipient phone number of the message in international format without special symbols. For example: 16176006661
{message} Content of the text message, with a maximum length of 3200 characters. UTF-8 and URL encoded value.
Optional parameters
{from} The number or custom name you are sending from, e.g. +16176006661 or custom text like MyCompany.
  • If you like to put your number you are required to port it first, or to upgrade to Priority plan.
  • If you like to use custom name e.g. MyCompany you need to be on Priority plan.
{type} Type of the message. Accepted values are:

sms – this is the default value, this will send the message as SMS

vms – this will send a voice message, where the recipient will be called and with text-to-speech the system will read the message

ussd – this will try to send an USSD message

mms – this will try to send the message an MMS, reading attaching the picture specified in the media parameter. Currently this feature is only possible for recipients in Canada

{media} This is absolute URL to an image resource like http://mysite.com/image.png . It requires the specified type to be mms.
  • Currently MMS messages can be delivered for recipients in Canada only

Request sample

Here is a request with a sample dummy data

https://api.smsbump.com/send/YDvaCJ3FHjxk.json?to=16176006661&message=Happy birthday!

Response sample

If there is no error code returned, the response of such a sample request would be similar to this one.

        status: "OK",
        data: {
            to: "+16176006661",
            from: "SMSBump",
            from_meta: "SMSBump alias",
            message: "Happy birthday!",
            chars_number: 15,
            count_sms_split_into: 1,
            price: "0.0088",
            price_currency: "USD",
            network: "AT&T",
            direction: "outgoing",
            apikey: "YDvaCJ3FHjxk",
            method: "GET",
            messageid: "030000004ABD47B8"

Data formats

The supported formats for this request are JSON and XML. If you prefer to get an XML response, just replace the extension of the request from .json to .xml

Code samples

This method is part of the following libraries SMSBump provides for free.


Delivery of short messages is a complex matter and depends on many factors, including the message content. If you get a status "OK" in the response, this means the message has been reported sent by the target or partner network.

Bulk messaging

This method is not suitable for bulk messaging and for quality purposes throughput restrictions may apply. If you like to do bulk messaging please use another method or contact us.

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