API and Code

Receive Messages

receive your message replies by adding a custom callback URL


In order to be able to receive messages, you need to create first your own dedicated phone number. You can do this by going to Numbers > Buy a number or just follow the link https://smsbump.com/numbers/buy. It is really easy and it takes a minute.

Receiving messages in SMSBUMP admin panel

The easy way to look at the received messages is by going to the Received Messages page in your SMSBUMP account. If you like to receive the messages directly on your own site / app / system, please setup a Callback URL as explained in the next point.

Receiving messages by Callback URL

When you already have a dedicated number, you can use the Callback URL feature of this number in order to get the replies straight to your application. When a reply is received, SMSBUMP will do a request to the Callback URL you have provided with all the information available for the reply. The callback URL field can be in the Number Edit screen in the SMSMBUMP admin panel, and it looks like this:

Sample Callback Request

Here is a sample request that will be sent to your specified Callback URL

       "text":"Yes, I agree.",

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