API and Code

SmsBump with PHP


This is small library that allows you to use SmsBump in your PHP application. Feel free to download it and give it a test drive. Note that the library uses cURL to make the requests to our servers, so you need to make sure that cURL is enabled in your PHP configuration.

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Request example

include 'SmsBump.php';

function on_send($response) {

	'APIKey' => '{API_KEY}',
	'to' => array('{recipient_number}', '{recipient_number}', '{recipient_number}'),
	'message' => 'Hello from SmsBump!',
	'callback' => 'on_send'

That's it. This is all the code you need in order to send a message with SmsBump. Have in mind that the callback is optional, so if you do not care about the response from our server, you can skip it.

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