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Least to say - it was a smart decision and the numbers are here to back it up. 



  SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Show the special lady in your life how much you appreciate her, {FirstName}. Shop our Women's Day collection with {DiscountValue} OFF: {DiscountCodeUrl} Text STOP to opt out.



With the anti-Black Friday SMS campaign and a modified abandoned cart reminder that would launch not 30, but 10 minutes after abandonment, Macelleria Callegari was able to reach an astonishing $30 000 in just 3 days via SMS


“SMS held an essential role in generating a sense of urgency and scarcity in the customer. It was an epic “Black Friday” sale!” 


And finally - as one of the essentials of Macelleria Callegari’s strategy is customer retention and long-term relationship building, the brand hasn’t missed to activate a Customer Winback automated message. 


Reactivating Customers 

Winning back customers generally is important for any brand, as it’s much more effortless and less costly than reaching out to new ones. For The Butcher in particular, retaining customers and loyalty is also a core value. Therefore, their winback campaign was the only time they’d consider discounting their product in order to re-engage a customer.  


As a store operating in the food industry, it made sense for the Callegari family business to try and reactivate shoppers who’ve only been inactive for 30 days. After all, the products they sell are something customers would buy regularly, as opposed to once a year (such as jewelry, cars and higher-end items like that). 

Besides to get customers to come back to the store, Macelleria Callegari is committed to always provide value and uphold its promise for an unfaltering first-class service. So the winback flow served as an information source for all new products they've added and gave suggestions for items that customers might be interested in. Paired with a 5% discount, this was the brand’s way to provide value, but also to encourage shoppers to return and give the exciting new

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