Verify Your Customers Cash On Delivery Payment With SMS Automations

Cash on delivery is a very useful payment method, since it allows much simpler checkouts than credit card or other types of payments. It’s great when you’re shipping nationally or locally, but there are some cases when cash on delivery holds its risks.

You’ve probably encountered cases when customers accidentally order something (using Cash on delivery) and then try to cancel it. In other cases, you might be the victim of fraud by someone who’s trying to purchase something from your Shopify store with an invalid phone number.

Great news! The freshly launched SMS Automation in SMSBump for Shopify helps solve that issue once and for all.

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Verify Cash On Delivery Orders with a Text Message

Just like in emails, now you can send order confirmation text messages for the Cash On Delivery payment method in your Shopify store.

Some brands call their customers to confirm their orders on the phone, but now you can do it with a simple automated text message containing a confirmation link.

The Cash On Delivery SMS Automation will:

  • Give your customers confidence their order is confirmed and processing.

  • Give your customers peace of mind they can cancel in case of ordering by accident.

  • Give you confidence your customer has entered a valid phone number and your order is not fraud.


Create a Cash On Delivery SMS Automation

To create and enable your new Cash On Delivery SMS Automation in SMSBump, go to:

  1. SMSBump App Dashboard

  2. Automations

  3. Create New Automation

Enter a name for your new automation, such as Cash On Delivery SMS Confirmation.

After that, click on the dropdown in your Automation types (Event) to select the new Cash on Delivery (OTP) automation underneath the Customer care category.


This will reveal the additional automation settings that are relevant to your new trigger type (when a customer confirms an order using Cash on Delivery as a payment method).

Select Your Shopify Payment Gateway

After selecting your new automation, you will see a field called Specific Payment Gateway. This is where you need to click the dropdown and select the way your own Cash On Delivery payment gateway.

Some stores use Cash on Delivery, others might use names such as Pay on Delivery (POD) for example.

Once your payment gateway is selected, you’re ready to configure the rest of the automation settings, such as Delay, Recipient, or Image & GIF attachments to the text message.


Add Your Verification Link

This is the most important part of the entire Cash On Delivery SMS Automation: Order confirmation URL.

This is the new short-code you add to your text message: {OrderConfirmUrl}

It generates the confirmation link your customers need to click so they finalize their order and fulfill the purpose of the automation.

Never forget to add this link to your automated text messages and always emphasize that your customers need to tap the link to confirm their order, otherwise it will expire.


How does the merchant know the Cash On Delivery order is confirmed?

Question: So, how do we know when the customer actually confirmed the order? Where does the data go, how does the Shopify store owner know?

Answer: Once the text message is sent and the recipient clicks the confirmation link, the information is logged in the comments under the order in your Shopify store.


Secure All Cash On Delivery Orders

This SMS automation will help you verify the phone numbers of customers who order using Cash on Delivery and also confirm they actually made the order. Send automatic order confirmation text messages straight to your customer’s phone so they can confirm their order without you having to get in touch with them over phone calls or emails that can easily get lost. Get started today!

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