SMSBump Launches A/B Testing for SMS Marketing Campaigns in Shopify

A/B testing is the best way to separate the messages that work from those that don’t deliver the results you want.

Starting today, you can run A/B tests for your SMS marketing campaigns so you know where to invest more and optimize your costs & ROI even more!

How to get started with A/B Testing for SMS Marketing

A/B testing is when you’re running an experiment simultaneously between two or more SMS promotions to see which one converts the most customers. While the name is A/B testing, you can actually run a test with more than two messages at the same time.


We'll go through the A/B testing basics you need to know before you start.

Define your test goals

What do you actually want to test with your SMS promotions?

  • The wording?

  • The CTA?

  • The length?

  • The layout?

  • The content?

  • The most seductive offer?

Prepare two or more variants of your marketing message, phrasing and value proposition, so you’re clear with the differences in each of these main components.

Define your target audience

Who are your SMS promotions designed for?

Are you trying to establish the value of new customers vs existing customers? Or you've built a segment of customers who purchased a specific product?

Use a subscriber list or audience segment you’ve previously built to define the customer base you’re going to split for your testing. You need to have at least 10 recipients for the A/B testing to work.

Once you’ve selected your audience and scheduled the sending time and name of your A/B Testing campaign, it’s time to setup the distribution.


Define Your Weight Distribution Method

You can run tests for up to 5 different SMS promotions split equally between your target audience with the new A/B testing in SMSBump.

  • A/B Campaign splits 50% - %50 using 2 SMS promotions
  • A/B/C Campaign splits 33% - 33% - 33% using 3 SMS promotions
  • A/B/C/D Campaign splits 25% - 25% - 25% - 25% using 4 SMS promotions
  • A/B/C/D/E Campaign splits 20% - 20% - 20% - 20% - 20% using 5 SMS promotions

Simply put, each of the distribution methods split the audience in two or more groups.

Once you send your campaign, the multiple SMS promotions will be sent randomly to the separate groups split by the distribution method.


Craft the SMS Marketing Campaign You Want to A/B Test

Now you're ready to start crafting the SMS promotions for testing. You will have multiple fields for text messages depending on the weight distribution you've chosen.

So, if you're about to run an SMS marketing campaign and you have a few ideas how to execute it, this is your chance to find out which one will work best.


Experiment With the Call to Action

Try out different actionable phrases like:

Shop now

Get your deals today

Activate your discount


Test Different Message Lengths

Sometimes a quick, snappy short message works great:

Black Friday sale is live! Get up to 50% off with code SMSB: {link}.

But depending on your goals, it might be better to personalize your message and make it more human:

Hello Susan, we're happy to give you a special discount code to get your favorite products at 25% off until Friday: {link}

Less Risk, More ROI

With A/B testing, you can perform small experiments with your SMS promotions, establish which ones work the best and then blast them out to a major audience, subscriber list or segment. This means much less costs, data-driven marketing messages and optimized revenue for a massive return on investment in Shopify!

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  • A/B Testing is only available on SMSBump Plus plan.*



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