Launch Successful Easter SMS & Email Marketing Campaigns

Every big retail event is another massive opportunity for brands wanting to maximize revenue. According to the National Retail Federation, Easter spending in 2023 is expected to reach a record $24 billion in sales, up from $20.8 billion in 2022. The top-purchased categories this year will be food ($7.3 billion), clothing ($4 billion), gifts ($3.8 billion), candy ($3.3 billion), and decorations ($1.7 billion). And the best part? A whopping 33% of this spending is expected to happen online.

How to make sure you'll get a slice of this pie and fill your Easter basket with happy customers? The key is to provide engaging, seamless, and mobile-first shopping experiences. Use the upcoming holidays as an opportunity to engage with your audiences on their most preferred channels: SMS and email. Send timely and highly personalized messages to help shoppers get a special treat for themselves or their loved ones.

And, as always – early birds will get all the worms! Now is the best time to start planning your spring campaigns. Follow our proven 4-step marketing strategy paired with top-performing SMS and email templates to drive more sales to your store this Easter. 


Campaign Timeline: 

  • Warm-up: March 27 – April 1

  • VIP Sale: April 2 – April 6

  • Easter Sale: April 7 – April 9

  • Last Chance: April 10


Step 1: Warm-up SMS & Email Campaigns

Goal: Catch the early birds and boost sales with timely Easter deals. 

Launch date: March 27 – April 1

Target: Everyone

Launch your first Easter-related SMS and email campaigns as early as March 27. Use this opportunity to create excitement for the upcoming festivities. No need to hold back – target all your customers! Let them know that Easter is coming soon, and you have major discounts up your sleeves for them.

To make your campaigns even more effective, offer product guides, themed bundles, or items that are part of your customers’ Easter traditions, such as decorations, sweets, barbecue sets, and more.

SMS & Email marketing template


  SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Easter is only a few days away, {FirstName}! Make your family fall in love with our fabulous holiday sets, now with {DiscountValue} off: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


  Email Template:

Fill your basket with Easter Deals

Easter came early this year, and we have some exclusive deals for you. Grab them now before others do.

Shop Now


Step 2: Time for a VIP Early Sale

Goal: Provide your VIP customers with early access to exclusive deals to show your appreciation, boost loyalty and customer lifetime value, and score some sales ahead of the busy holiday period.

Launch date: April 2 – April 6

Target: Loyal and High-Value Customers


Launch a VIP sale on April 2nd. Use it to target your most loyal and high-value customers with an offer they simply can’t refuse. These are the customers who spend the most at your store, so it is important to make them feel special and appreciated.

Starting sales a bit earlier for some segments of your SMS and email audience will help maximize conversions and secure regular cash flow – all while making it easier to manage your stock.

SMS & Email marketing template


  SMS Template:

Hey {FirstName}, as a VIP customer at {SiteName} you get early access and {DiscountValue} OFF all items from our new spring collection: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


  Email Template:

Our VIPs get all the treats

Get 25% off all fitness apparel between now and Easter with code EASTER25.

Shop Now


Step 3: Launch Your Easter Sale

Goal: Make the most of Easter – announce big discounts to boost sales and clear the shelves for new spring collections.

Launch date: April 7 – April 9

Target: ALL customers


Launch your Easter sale on Friday, April 7th. Most stores will begin their mass promotions on Saturday or Sunday, so starting a bit earlier means your offer will be among the first your customers will see.

Entice shoppers with sweet discounts, whether through a massive sitewide flash sale or a BOGO offer.

Don’t forget to add an appealing visual and a clear Call-to-Action: Buy Now, Shop Now, Grab Now, etc.

SMS & Email marketing template


  SMS Template:

{SiteName}: On a hunt for an Easter treat, {FirstName}? Hop to our sale, up to {DiscountValue} off Easter treasures. Ends Soon, Hurry: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


  Email Template:

Hop over and shop our Easter picks

We are cracking our Easter sales wide open! Grab our massive discounts, available only over the weekend.

Shop Now


Step 4: Last-Chance Offers

Goal: Score some extra sales with an extended campaign aimed to grab the attention of procrastinators and last-minute shoppers.

Launch date: April 10

Target: Customers who have not made a purchase yet.


It is time for one final push – send a “Last Call” message to all subscribers who haven’t purchased from your store yet. They might have forgotten your offer or simply need a small nudge to hit the "Purchase" button.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a great psychological tactic to create a sense of urgency or scarcity and ultimately give your sales a little reinforcement. Use phrases like “Last chance to purchase” and “Don’t miss out on…” in your messages – they will serve as powerful last-minute reminders for the final days of your Easter campaign.

SMS & Email marketing template


  SMS Template:

{SiteName}: Missed our Easter sale, {FirstName}? Worry not, we got you covered! Get your favorite items, now with an extra {DiscountValue} discount: {DiscountCodeUrl} 


  Email Template:

Last Chance!

In case you missed it – our amazing offers are still standing! Grab them now before the Easter bunny hops away.

Shop Now


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