9 Shopify Dropshippers Maximizing ROI with SMSBump

Shopify dropshipping is a profitable business maintaining high popularity in the eCommerce industry due to its low startup costs, broad product offering and time saved by using suppliers for handling and managing stock. 

We are excited to introduce you to 9 Shopify dropshippers who are maximizing their ROI with SMSBump’s text marketing campaigns and automations. In their videos the ecommerce marketing pros share:


  • Data-driven results in SMSBump and the steps which led to success

  • Helpful tips when setting up the app

  • SMS templates for inspiration

  • Mastermind courses that teach you how to build a six-figure dropshipping store


Shri Kanase 

Shri began his dropshipping journey as a young teenager, dropshipping products on eBay around the age of 13. It took him one year to save up $1k and he decided eBay wasn’t worth his time and effort. A few years later, he came across a Shopify ad on YouTube and instantly got attracted to the idea of creating his own store website with minimal fees involved.

Managing his first Shopify store was a big challenge— spending upwards of $100 on Facebook ads with no purchase, his whole $3k budget went towards advertising and made him no profit. 

After opening his second store, he began implementing free traffic sources such as Reddit and Instagram but in the end spent all of his savings and the store ultimately failed.

The third time around, he had gained enough experience and developed a marketing strategy that began generating profit after a few months, with sales reaching $8k a day.

In 2018, Shri’s store made over $400k.

“The first sale is always the hardest but it is also the most meaningful.”


Results with SMSBump:

  • Has used other SMS marketing Shopify apps, finds SMSBump the easiest to use and with a few clicks was already setting up his first marketing campaign.

  • In 2 months he generated $493.34 with a 1082.6% ROI from automations.

  • Highly recommends the abandoned cart automation — spent $45.57 on it and gained $493.34

  • Though a majority of his sales come from email marketing, he decided to enable the “shipping address phone number required” option and sales came flowing in.

“Remarketing campaigns bring the highest ROI since they target hot traffic.”

Helpful Tips: 

  • Enable Shipping Address Phone Number as required. You can do this under Form Options in the Settings > Checkout in your Shopify store settings. Shri regrets leaving the field optional — he would have achieved more sales in the same duration.

  • Set your Quiet Hours from 11PM to 5AM (PST time zone) if you are set in the U.S. or at an appropriate time which matches where a majority of your order come from. This helps avoid customers reporting your messages as spam or getting banned.

Setting Campaigns:

1. Set a sequence of three abandoned cart reminders: 1 hour, 4 hours, and 1 day after a customer abandons their cart.

The first reminder should not include a coupon, and simply reminds them that they forgot to complete their purchase, providing a link to the checkout page.

The second reminder should introduce a 5% coupon.

The final reminder, is your last to make them act fast so be generous with a 10%-20% coupon. Remember, don’t offer a coupon that won’t make you a profit.

Here are templates you can use for the first two abandoned cart messages:

  • Abandoned cart SMS template #1:

    Hey {FirstName}! Looks like you may have forgotten to finish checking out. We’ve saved everything just for you! {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} STOP15499 to opt out.

  • Abandoned cart SMS template #2:

    Hey again! The items in your cart are still missing you! Get 10% off ENTIRE order. Surprise your lover. Click Here: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl} STOP15499 to opt out


2. When a customer hasn’t made a purchase in 30 days or more Shri recommends launching 3-5 customer winback campaigns with a 7-day interval in between.

The first campaign should direct customers to your website, and may notify them of a current sale.

The subsequent campaigns should give a coupon code that increases in increments for a total of a 25-50% discount.

This customer winback sequence restarts the customer lifecycle and results in a higher chance for repeat business. Here are a couple of Shri’s templates you can use in your next customer winback automation.

  • Customer Winback SMS template #1:

    Woah! It’s been forever since we saw you at {SiteName}! We’re having a BIG sale right now and would love for you to join! Come back {DiscountUrl}

  • Customer Winback SMS template #2:

    {SiteName}: Hi {FirstName} we noticed it has been a while since your last order. Get 5% OFF on your next purchase when shopping from our website: {SiteURL}

Learn More:

Join Shri’s free eCom Mastermind Facebook Group where you can get specific advice from other entrepreneurs on the path to success, and bounce off ideas and strategies from Shri himself.


Chris Wane

Chris discovered dropshipping at the age of 27 through a YouTube video, and since then quit his office job and started building a niche store on Shopify. This dropshipper is another example of how persistence and strong motivation always pay off, as about two years after five failed eCommerce stores, he decided to go in a different direction in his sixth attempt, focusing on creating a general store which has generated over $537,457. 


Results with SMSBump:

  • After spending $5 he had his first sale

  • Spent $69.79 and made $672.56 in 1 month for a total ROI of 963.69% 

  • The default abandoned cart automation sent after 1 hour has made him $708.08


“SMSBump is a massive addition to my store and it’s really helping out. The extra few sales can really make a difference to your profit line and that’s the most important thing. It doesn’t matter about the numbers you’re doing it matters about your bottom line: your profit.”

Helpful Tips:

  • Go to Themes - Edit Language and under Checkout & System/ Checkout contact and set both sections Phone label and Optional phone label to “Phone - Required for text updates”. This lets customers know that once they’ve entered their phone number and expressed their consent at checkout, they will be receiving text message notifications.

  • In the SMSBump app settings, enable the Auto Recharge feature to add $10 to your account when it falls under $20 and set the spending limit to not spend more than $200 per month.

“That just keeps it ticking over nicely, and as the orders are coming in, I’m making more money and the app is paying for itself.”

  • Chris hasn’t enabled the “Shipping address phone number” option as required at checkout, has set it to optional, but is thinking it’s best to change it in order to retarget customers and increase sales.

Learn More:

Enroll in Chris’ Advanced Dropshipping Academy course and access all you need to know to build a successful dropshipping business.


Carson Engelhardt

Carson is a 19-year old entrepreneur who has managed to develop his own two ecommerce brands, and is continuing to grow his profit by building dropshipping stores on Shopify. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them reach their maximum sales potential. 


Results with SMSBump:

  • Achieved over 28,000% ROI in 5 days after installing the app

  • Recovered revenue of $232.73 spending only $0.83 for 13 abandoned cart automation text messages after 1 hour

“If you are not utilising SMSBump for your Shopify website, you are losing money. It’s just crazy!”

Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure you include a discount link worth clicking on in your abandoned cart automation, and write a catchy text message with a strong call to action. Feel free to use Carson’s template below.

Hey, {FirstName}.

Just wanted to check in, as it seems you have left some awesome items and deal back at checkout. As added motivation, we wanted to give you an extra 15% OFF your entire cart.

Just use this link and your discount will be sent immediately :)


Reply STOP to opt out. 

Learn More:

Follow Carson on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel to receive helpful advice on how to run effective Facebook ads, implement sales strategies, and launch new products.

Kos Timos

Kos is a pilot student, digital marketer and dropshipper living in Australia, who also manages to find the time to create informative video tutorials explaining key strategies proven to increase dropshipping sales.

Results with SMSBump:

  • Spent $169.36 in the app, recovered $1982.58 for a total ROI of 1170.63% in one month 

  • Made a revenue of $10358.80 from abandoned cart automation after 5 minutes 

Helpful Tips:

  • Phone entry field should be enabled and set to mandatory in the checkout page from Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout. This way you will always have the customer’s number to use in the SMSBump app.

“I think it’s very professional to send out an SMS after a purchase...My main goal would be to gain the customer’s trust.”

Learn More: 

Follow Kos on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel to gain valuable insights and knowledge on how to test dropshipping products, scale with Facebook Ads, and triple your abandoned cart revenue.


Alex Philip

14 year-old Alex is the youngest Shopify dropshipper on our list, who managed to generate $80K in the month of March alone, selling a single product: a teeth whitening pen. He aspires to become a billionaire by the age of 18.


Results with SMSBump:

  • Spent $365.96 and recovered a revenue of $1736.90 for a total ROI of 474.61% in one month 

“All you need to do is let the app do its magic.”

Helpful Tips:

  • If you’re just getting started using SMSBump, load a balance of $10-20. It will be more than enough to begin launching automations and seeing orders coming in.

  • Alex suggests setting a max price under the limitations settings in SMSBump. Enabling this setting will stop messages from being sent if they cost more than the price you set. He has set his max price to $0.15.

  • Set the phone number required on checkout field as mandatory.

  • Take advantage of SMSBump’s free credits by enabling your first automation, sending a text marketing campaign, sharing your success story or becoming an affiliate.

Learn More: 

Subscribe to Alex’s YouTube channel and learn the steps he took that made him $80k in one month, how to triple your Shopify sales, Instagram tricks and more. Follow him on Instagram for daily motivation to push your dropshipping efforts forward. 


Leon Green

Leon is an expert dropshipper who builds successful one product stores around strong brands.


Results with SMSBump:

  • Generated $3k in total sales and 83 orders in a single day of using the Product Upsell automation.

“SMSBump is a great app, you should definitely be using it for your store right now!”  

Helpful Tips:

  • Increase your average order value by upselling similar products to customers at a second store you made.

“I’m going to text customers and upsell them a new product, the best product, in my opinion, that will take them to my new store, that is still within the same niche of the store they made their initial purchase at.”


  • Create a list from SMSBump’s Lists and Segments tool, and import your contacts from MailChimp or Klaviyo. Then go to Automations and edit the Product Upsell event. Under Product Recommendations, add the products you sold in your first store and then under Recommend them one of, select the new product you want to upsell them. Under Attach Image or GIF attach a photo of the product you’re upselling. Finally, personalize the text message by editing its content and click on Save.

Learn More: 

Enroll in Leon’s Step by Step Guide dropshipping course which costs $9. You will learn how to use Leon’s secret product research method, how to design your store, the apps you need, how to write converting ad copy and much more. In addition, every month three students will be chosen and Leon will personally build their store, adding a winning-selling product.


Enzo Honoré 

Enzo is a 27-year-old entrepreneur, author, personal development coach and web marketing consultant who quit his job in 2016, and has been living in Thailand ever since. It was a dream of his to become a digital nomad, and 9 months after starting out he began earning revenue as a dropshipper.


Results with SMSBump:

  • In a month he spent $161.59 and generated a revenue of $1337.43 for a total ROI of 827.67% 

“If you aren’t using SMS messages to engage your Shopify customers, you are leaving all of your money on the table every single day.”

Helpful Tips:

  • Enzo calls his abandoned cart automation strategy 30/12/24/48. You should send the first abandoned cart text message 30 minutes after a customer abandons their cart, and then three additional text messages 12, 24, and 48 hours later after the abandoned cart.

  • The first two abandoned cart messages should be short and just mention that the customer has forgotten the items in their cart, along with a link to complete the purchase.

  • Although not mandatory, the last two abandoned cart messages should have a discount, as they are your final push to get the customer to complete their purchase. 

Learn More: 

Discover how to become a millionaire at 28, using Professor Honoré and Saad ‘Le Prince’ Benyateb’s ecommerce experience, tips and tricks of the trade, and learn the social media ad hacks that will push your competition away. Their course #enfinlibre is taught in French.

Justin Cener

Justin is a 7-figure ecommerce entrepreneur, coach, marketer and fitness enthusiast.

He has made the promise to constantly provide useful information and insider tips to his YouTube subscribers helping them finally learn how to make money online.

“If you aren’t using SMS messages to engage your Shopify customers, you are leaving all of your money on the table every single day.”

Helpful Tips:

  • If your customers are in the U.S. definitely use the Product Image Grid feature for abandoned cart messages, which will display up to 9 images of abandoned customer products. 

  • Be funny and clever. Here is an example text you can use:

{SiteName}: Hello, {FirstName}, your cat probably restarted your computer, we get it. If you’re ready to complete your order, your cart is waiting for your return at {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}

  • Launch flash sales text message campaigns when sales aren’t going that well. Something like: Hey {FirstName}, until the end of the night use coupon code FLASH to receive free shipping!

  • Find your most popular product and use the Product Upsell automation to recommend it to your customers. Your SMS might look like this:

{SiteName}: Hello, {BillingFirstName}, Thanks for purchasing {BoughtProductName}. As a huge thank you for your support we would like to offer you a limited time 20% OFF from {RecommendProductName}. Get it here: {RecommendProductUrl}

  • Send a reactivation flow to customers that bought a specific product:

Hey {FirstName}, thanks so much for buying our t-shirts. We wanted to add to your wardrobe this season’s new releases: {SiteURL}


Learn More: 

Join Justin’s ecommerce bootcamp program and let him be your personal Shopify mentor that guides you through the process of finding and marketing a successful product online and creating ads that sell.


Justin Walker

Justin is a young dropshipper from Las Vegas, who has been in the ecommerce industry for about 8 years. He takes selling on Shopify seriously as it provides his full-time income, generating 30-40k in monthly revenue.


Results with SMSBump:

  • He spent $4.68 on the abandoned cart automation and recovered a revenue of $655.21 for an ROI of 14000%

“You should definitely try SMSBump, the ROI is crazy. It’s given me ways to run Facebook Ads together, and get an insane amount of people to initiate checkout because it can optimize so well for that.”

Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure you set up the text message so it’s personal. Here is the text he uses:

    Hello, {FirstName}. We noticed there were some items left in your shopping cart at {StoreName}. Here is a code for 20% OFF your order, use discount code “IMBACK”. If you’re ready to complete your order, your cart is waiting for your return at {AbandonedCheckoutURL}. Reply STOP37756 to opt out.

Learn More: 

Follow Justin on Instagram to receive tips and advice on how to scale your Shopify store. DM him any questions you have about your ecommerce business and he will take the time to give you an insightful answer. Enroll in Justin’s ecommerce course to learn how to use his strategy, and go from zero to hero in the ecommerce industry.

“Nobody is better than anybody else, some of us just know some things, and we can help each other out.”


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