Pending Messages in SMSBump: Why Aren't My Texts Getting Sent?

So, you’ve sent out a text marketing campaign to your Shopify customers.

But you noticed something you haven’t seen in SMSBump before.

The Pending Messages tab appeared?

No worries, everything happens for a reason. Let’s clear up that right now.

Where do your pending text messages go? Why don't they get sent?

Whenever SMSBump is unable to send a message, the app logs those texts here.


1. Pending Message Information

This is the list of pending messages where you have the following details describing the situation:

  • Recipient phone number
  • Message content
  • Message price
  • Date & time
  • Pending status reason
  • Option to Send anyway

The reason why your message is not sending is in the Warning column. It might include the following:

2. Total Price to Send All Pending Messages

This is an estimation of the total price it will cost you to send all pending messages.

In our case, it’s $0.53 to send all of our pending messages. Depending on the volume of messages you’re sending, the numbers can be much higher here, so pay attention to this total before taking any action.

You need to know this if you prefer to break down the sending of the messages and only send specific ones, or send all of them at once.

3. Send All Pending Messages

Choosing to send all of your pending messages anyway will disregard the warning and the reason why they’re not being sent.


Important note

Send Anyway will disregard your Quiet hours and Max SMS Price settings. If your Account balance is low, SMSBump will NOT be able to send the pending messages.

Configuring Your Quiet Hours and Max Price Settings

Go to your SMSBump Settings and scroll down.

First, the Quiet hours setting allows you to setup a specific time period during each day that will prevent the app from sending ANY messages to your customers.

Important note

This is a highly recommended setting to enable, so your store doesn’t accidentally send messages at 2AM. Don’t risk getting a huge number of unsubscribed and angry customers.

So, if you’ve enabled the Quiet hours setting, the messages you try to send will be logged into the Pending Messages menu and will not be sent out by SMSBump.

They haven’t disappeared and you will not be charged for them until they are sent.


Next is the Max SMS Price. This setting lets you determine your own limits and doesn’t allow SMSBump to charge you more than that value.

Any messages that go over the Max SMS Price you set here will not be sent and get logged in the Pending Messages menu.

From there on, you can determine whether you want to send them anyway despite of their higher price or not.

Again, those messages have not disappeared and you will not be charged for them until you send them out explicitly.

Send Pending Messages Anyway

You have an option to either Send All Pending Messages or send an individual message anyway.

Once you select any of those options, you will get a confirmation popup.

It will contain the warnings that are about to be disregarded, when the messages will be sent, as well as the number of messages you’re about to send and their price.

You can either cancel or confirm the sending.

This is the moment when you’re being charged for your pending messages.

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