How to Improve Your SMS Promotions with Shopify Customer Filters

Your text marketing campaigns & SMS promotions can be highly targeted with SMSBump.

You can use the Shopify Customer Filters to easily reach the exact audience you want. The filters are integrated within the Text Marketing campaigns in your SMSBump app!

The News!Your Custom Filters just got a performance enhancement and you now have a faster experience for reaching a vast amount of your Shopify customers.

Sending a message to all your Shopify customers is now as fast as sending a campaign to a massive List.

Send SMS Marketing Campaign to Custom Shopify Customers

How to Apply the Shopify Custom Filters in SMSBump

Let’s show you how to setup your SMS marketing campaign targeting before you launch it.

Head to Text Marketing > Shopify Customers and select the Custom filters in the Send To field.

Send SMS Marketing Campaign to Shopify Customers

Click the Plus icon to open up the dropdown with all the filters to select your audience segmentation method.

Apply Shopify Customer Filters in SMSBump

You have unlimited ways to structure and narrow down your targeting. You can reach just the right audience for the text marketing campaign you’re launching.

Select your customer filter:

Shopify Customer Filters for Improved Audience Segmentation in SMSBump

  • Money spent: Less than, Greater than, or Equal to a certain amount ($X.xx)

  • Placed an order: Last week, Last month, Last 3 months, Last Year, or custom

  • Order fulfillment status: Fulfilled, Unfulfilled, or Partially Fulfilled

  • Order payment status: Paid, Refunded, Pending, Voided, etc

  • Number of orders: Filter by Less than, Greater than, or Equal to a certain number (X)

  • Date created: Last week, Last month, Last 3 months, Last Year, or custom

  • Abandoned an order: Last week, Last month, Last 3 months, Last Year, or custom

  • Account status: Enabled, Disabled, Invited, or Declined

  • Tagged with: Select your preferred Shopify customer tags

  • Located in: Select Country (USA, Canada and Australia can also filter by state & regions)

  • Accepts marketing: Yes / No

Example #1

Let’s say we want to send an appreciation message to all customers who came back and made a second order in our Shopify store.

Select Number of orders, Equal to and enter 2.

Custom filters for Shopify Customers

Click Apply and now your campaign will be sent only to customers who have purchased from you twice.

The filter is applied and now you can craft your message to show your customers you appreciate them. This is a great way to build customer loyalty.

You can decide whether you want to encourage customers to subscribe to one of your lists, or just give them a discount straight away.

For example, you can promote your VIP Discount club where subscribers will receive SMS promotions and updates with your latest deals.

Send Message to Custom Shopify Customers

Example #2

Let’s say you already have a number of customers that are important for you and you’ve given them a VIP tag.

You can use that tag and message all the customers in your Shopify store that have it.

Send Text Marketing Campaigns to Shopify Customer Tags

Select the custom filter called Tagged with and enter VIP in the text field. (Learn about Shopify customer tags here)

Tailor your message so it’s attractive to your customers and place the offer in a clear and simple way.

Paste the link to the products you want to promote and enable the link shortening.

Send a VIP Shopify Discount

You don’t even need to enter any discount codes in the message.

Simply embed them in the links, so customers will be able to shop and checkout with their discount already waiting for them.

Setup your Shopify discount code, click the Add discount code checkbox and select the code in the dropdown that will popup here:

Shopify Discount Code

In the final campaign overview, you can check out how the message will look like.

As you can see, the link is shortened and it will lead your subscribers to the collection where they can start shopping with 25% off.

SMSBump Custom Shopify Customers Campaign Overview

This is not all! We saved the best for last!

Combine Filters for Best Possible Audience Target

You can combine the filters and create the perfect audience for your SMS promotions!

With the latest upgrade, you can stack them up much faster and create a highly personalized campaign in seconds. Literally!

Combine Multiple Custom Shopify Customer Filters

They can be time sensitive and targeted at customers who registered within a specific time period, spent a certain amount, accept marketing messages and are located in a specific location. The rest is up to your imagination and creative strategy skills.

Have fun with SMSBump and the improved Shopify Custom Filters!

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