How To Grow Your Subscribers In Shopify With SMS Keywords

Picking the best possible keywords for your SMS campaign is extremely important to its success. They are a great way to get opt-ins from customers who are interested in your SMS promotions.

We’ll now tell you how to do it with SMSBump in Shopify.


What is an SMS keyword?

In SMS terms, a keyword is a word can be texted from a user’s mobile device to an SMS short code. Keywords send a signal to the short code about the SMS marketing campaign your users are trying to interact with.

How do I choose an SMS keyword?

1. Make sure the keyword is 100% relevant and easy to remember. Like PIZZA. Or SHOES.

2. Since keywords are in limited supply, the keyword you want might not be available. Then you’re forced to use alternatives or something else. Like SHOES123.

3. Don’t try to use special characters like SHOE$#. It makes it harder for customers to tab between letters and symbols and might decrease your opt-in rates.

4. Only use one keyword. A bad example is SHOE DEALS. Yes, it might be available, but it’s easy for customers to make mistakes with it. Like entering SHOEDEALS for instance.

5. Keep it short! The shorter the SMS keyword is, the easier it’s going to be for customers to text back and opt in. Avoid using words longer than 6-7 symbols. If you do, at least try to choose words that are easy to pronounce and remember.

How do I use SMS keywords?

Once you’ve selected your SMS keyword, you place it in the text message your customers are getting. It should be explicitly displayed and easy to notice so your customers instantly know what they should text back.

Reply “SHOES” to 86878

​How do I setup SMS keywords in Shopify?

SMSBump has a feature that allows you to acquire keywords in your Shopify app.

Navigate to your SMSBump Dashboard and you will see the Keyword section underneath your Analytics.

Click Set Up Keyword.

The Keyword welcome screen will show up. Click Create new keyword.


This is the SMS Keyword purchase popup.

1. Enter your keyword. If the keyword is unavailable, you will be notified and asked to enter another version or different keyword.

2. Enter the number of messages you expect to send to your customers after they opt-in using the SMS keyword.

3. Select the Subscriber list you want to grow with the opt-ins from the SMS keyword.

4. Since keywords can be used by anyone, you need to make a monthly payment for each month you want to claim the keyword. There’s recurring $10 per month payment for each SMS keyword.

*SMSBump and SMSBump Plus plans give you one free keyword.

Once you’re all set, hit the Get Keyword button to continue.



Welcome to the SMS Keywords section!

This is where all your currently active SMS keywords will be listed. You have an option to add a New Keyword whenever you want.

Track the Number of Contacts that have subscribed using the SMS keyword and the Subscriber List they’ve opted in for.

Use the Send Campaign button when you’re ready to blast out your SMS promotion to your new subscribers.

SMS Keywords Shopify

How to create your SMS Keyword opt-in campaign

Start by creating a new Text Marketing campaign like any other in SMSBump.

Select the audience you want to message about your opt-in campaign and setup the sending time and campaign name.

Once you reach the point where you enter your message, remember to type in the correct SMS keyword and make it explicitly clear that recipients need to text it back to the short code.


Looking good, right?

Now it’s easy for your customers to reply the SMS keyword and opt in for your awesome promotions.


Activate the Automatic Subscription Confirmation SMS

What happens after your customers text back the keyword?

We’re prepared.

You have an automation that’s set to send out confirmation messages to the customers who subscribe so they know what’s going on.

Subscription successful! Welcome to the {SiteName} SMS VIP club. Your discount code is SHOEME. Good for all purchases on our site. Max 4 texts per month.

Time to Get Creative

Once that’s done, you have infinite ways to reach out to your new subscribers and send out your marketing messages. Let us know if you have any questions via Messenger or email!

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