How to Connect Klaviyo and SMSBump to Increase SMS Engagement

The new integration between SMSBump and Klaviyo is now available for Shopify merchants!

  • Import Your Klaviyo Lists & Segments

  • Use Klaviyo Contacts to Build SMS Marketing Lists

  • Build a Complete Marketing Automation Strategy with SMS & Email

Sync Klaviyo Lists & Segments with SMSBump for Shopify

Today you’re going to connect the apps in a couple simple steps. Let’s show you right now.

Before you begin

All you need to complete the integration setup is have:

SMSBump and Klaviyo apps installed in Shopify.

  • SMSBump installed in Shopify

  • Active Klaviyo account with contact lists

  Not using Klaviyo?

Learn how your Shopify store can start winning with email marketing using Klaviyo here.


Step 1: Get your Klaviyo API Key

Go to your Klaviyo profile to find your Account settings.

  1. Click Account

  2. Click Settings

Klaviyo Account

In the Settings dropdown, click on API Keys.

Klaviyo API Keys

You will see the API key you need to copy in this field:

Klaviyo API Keys

Step 2: Enable Your SMSBump and Klaviyo Integration

To continue, go to your SMSBump app dashboard and click on Integrations.

SMSBump Klaviyo Integration

Select the Klaviyo integration and paste your API key in the field here.

Once you’re ready, click the Configure button and you will see a confirmation that your connection is complete.

Klaviyo API Key in SMSBump

Now you can enable and disable your integration whenever you want.

Awesome, you’re ready to Sync All Klaviyo Lists with a click of a button!

Sync Klaviyo Contacts with SMSBump in Shopify

SMSBump will need you to have contacts so you have something to import when the integration process is complete.

This is where you manage your Klaviyo contacts and group them into lists and segments.

Klaviyo Lists & Segments

One of the biggest benefits of the Klaviyo integration is you can use their advanced audience segmentation for your SMS marketing campaigns and promotions.

You can build super narrow target groups with the Klaviyo segments and import them into SMSBump to start blasting out personalized and targeted SMS notifications.

Learn more about Klaviyo segmentsHow to Map Your Email Segmentation Strategy (with Template)

Klaviyo lists successfully synced with SMSBump!

After you sync your Klaviyo contacts, you will be redirected to the SMSBump Lists & Segments where you’ll find each separate entry with a [Klaviyo] label for better recognition.

SMSBump Lists & Segments with Klaviyo Imported Contacts.

Ready to Begin

You’re all set! Now you can start importing and combining the different contact lists and segments from Klaviyo and SMSBump and start reaching your audience with both email and SMS marketing campaigns!



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