How to Bring Inactive Customers Back to Your Shopify Store

The Automation called Customer without a purchase for X days helps you bring back customers who have not purchased anything from your Shopify store for a while.

Unlike with Abandoned Cart reminders, we recommend only sending one text message instead of a series of texts with a discount code.

Enable the Automation

1. Go to Automations and enable Reactivate Customers Who have not bought anything for X days.


2. Click the Edit button on the Reactivate customers who have not bought anything more than X days automation.


Important: The event type is selected when you create the Automation.


3. The field for Last Order X Days ago lets you define the number of days without a purchase for the customer to be a subject for a reactivation text message.


Important: We recommend leaving this to 25 days but you can experiment with different time periods here.

4. The setting Send every day at lets you determine the exact time to send the message to all customers who haven’t made a purchase recently.


Important: We recommend times between 9 AM to 8 PM but not later than 8 PM and not earlier than 9 AM.

5. Next is the Text field. There is a default recommended message:

{SiteName}: Hi {CustomerFirstName} we noticed it has been a while since your last order. Get 5% OFF on your next purchase when shopping from our website: {SiteUrl}


Important: It’s very important to send every text message with {SiteName} in the beginning so the customer immediately recognizes the brand they are getting the message from. Also, don’t forget to enable the Add STOP#### to Opt out in the top right.

6. When your message is ready we need to add the discount code to the checkout link.

Select the Add discount code checkbox on the bottom left. This will trigger a pop up with all your available Shopify discount codes.


Video tutorial: Watch here.

7. Select the discount code you want to use from the dropdown and click Apply discount code.

8. Once the discount is applied it will be displayed in brackets.

The discount code gets automatically applied when the customer clicks your checkout link. No need for the customer to enter the code.

9. You are all set here. Click Save to confirm all changes.

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