How to Automate Birthday Gift SMS with ReConvert and SMSBump

We’re happy to introduce our newest integration with ReConvert, the Shopify page builder that designs powerful Thank You pages after successful checkouts.

Today we’ll show you how to make more shoppers come back to your store by sending them personalized SMS promotions & free gifts on their birthdays, automatically!

ReConvert plus SMSBump equals Happy Customers!

You’ll learn how to place a birthday form at checkout so you can collect customers’ birthdays after they successfully finished their order. Then you can send them text messages that show how much you care by offering them free gifts on their special day.

​Why Send Birthday Wishes and Gifts Using SMS?

Let start with the 98% open rate which text messages are known for. You can be pretty much sure your customers will see your message.

Another high point for SMS is personalization. Wishing your customers a happy birthday can mean a lot and you will be reaching them with a personalized message in a moment that’s special to them.

Third advantage, SMS is still not as cluttered as Email and Social. They are already packed with advertising, so sending a text message would definitely make you stand from the marketing crowd.

In a nutshell, SMS is a very direct and personal channel of communication that enhances the effect of your outreach even more.

How to Connect ReConvert and SMSBump?


There is our go-to guide of enabling your SMSBump + ReConvert integration:

  1. Install & enable ReConvert

  2. Create & customize your birthday form

  3. Publish & preview your birthday form

  4. Activate & personalize your birthday SMS automation(s)

Navigate to Integrations and click the ReConvert box to begin. You will be asked and redirected to install the ReConvert app in your Shopify store.

If you are not sure what ReConvert does, you can also learn more about them in the Shopify app store here.

1. Install & enable ReConvert

Once you install the app, you need to enable it from their Settings.


2. Create & customize your birthday form

After you finish the installation and access the app settings, hit the Create new template to begin.


Next, select the Section to place your birthday form. The recommended section is the Right Area.

This way, your birthday form will be located underneath the order total.


After you select your placement, click Add section to continue.


ReConvert have a lot of options for you to include on your checkout. In our case, we’re adding the Birthday collector widget.


This is the step where you customize your birthday form. You can use settings like:

  • Free text (formatting, add links, colors, images, etc)

  • Date format

  • Customize placeholder text

  • Customize “Submit” button text and color

  • Customize “Thank you!” notification text and color


When you’re done customizing your template, hit the Save button in the top right corner.

This will create your new template in the ReConvert dashboard so you can give it a name and manage it there.


Remember to enable this option while setting up your discount, especially if you’re sending more than one SMS notification on your customer’s special day.


Save SMSBump integration

The last step is to enable your SMSBump integration with ReConvert from their General settings.


Setup SMSBump integration and Save.

​3. Publish & preview your birthday form


This is how the form will look and work in your Shopify store checkout:


Now you made it simple for customers to enter their date of birth after completing their checkout. To increase the conversions here you can notify customers about the benefits of sharing their birthday and the awesome deals & promotions that are waiting for them.


4. Activate & personalize your birthday SMS Automation

Now that your birthday form is ready and live in your store, navigate back to SMSBump and enter your Automations.

You will see that a Birthday Event has been automatically created with a label Integrations.


Activate its status and edit the settings if you want to tweak the timing of the automatic SMS.

Send on: You can send the Happy Birthday SMS on the same day, or X days before / after the customer’s date of birth.

Send at: You can set the exact time of the day when the Happy Birthday SMS will be sent to your customer. By default, the time zone here will be the one in your SMSBump Settings.

Create an entire customer experience!

You can use the ReConvert Birthday Reminder automations to create a whole sequence of messages for your customers.

When you create a new Automation, you will see the new event located here in its own Integrations category.

Create multiple automations for your customers that will notify them before, the same day, and after their birthday.


This way they will know about their free gift or special deal from your brand in advance so they can be prepared to take action when the moment comes.

Make your customers smile!

Use the recipient name, so the message is personal and play around with emojis and best wishes so they feel like an actual person is wishing them a happy birthday.


Start with these ideas and tweak them based on the tone of your brand and the special offers you have for customers:


Copy and paste these templates into your SMSBump text message editor to start crafting your personal offer.

{FirstName}, wishing you a happy birthday from all the staff @ {SiteName}!

As a special birthday treat, you get 20% off your next purchase!

Visit {StoreUrl} and get your discount before the end of the month. All the best!

Happy birthday, {FirstName}! Best wishes from {SiteName}!

Your birthday surprise this year is 50% OFF your next order! Think about it, your deal will last 30 days!

Cheers! {StoreUrl}

It's your birthday! Cheers to a more successful year! You have a free gift waiting! ;)

Celebrate with {SiteName} and visit {StoreUrl} to claim it!


You’re all set!

You’re now ready to start collecting birthdays and sending personalized SMS offers to customers. These tactics are a great booster for your customer appreciation strategy so put these new ideas to work and get some extra sales going!


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