Halloween SMS Marketing Inspiration for Shopify Merchants

Halloween is much more than a fun holiday filled with candy, pumpkins, scary movies and campfire stories. Shoppers look forward to Halloween to get a big bank for their buck because they know the holiday delivers that.

For that reason (and many more), Halloween provides insanely large revenues for stores that take part in all the fun.

Research predicts about $9 billion is about to be spent in 2018 and a record high Average Spending per Buyer of $86.79.

Question is, how do you plan on getting a piece of that action?

Preparing a huge sale needs good planning, so we decided to give you a little hand and some ideas on how to get started.

What makes SMS promotions a successful marketing strategy this Halloween is that text messages are:

  • Extremely affordable

  • Direct and personal

  • Easy to read and actionable

  • Your way of standing out from the competition

You can take these examples and put them to use in your Shopify store using SMSBump.


Create a tempting offer combined with urgency to encourage more aciton.

{SiteName}: Let's make your Halloween special, {FirstName}! Our terrifyingly good deals are waiting for you (emoji)



Use power words and announce when the promotion begins to build anticipation.

{SiteName}: Your time has come, {FirstName}! The Halloween 20% OFF sitewide purge starts tonight! Strap up: https://smsb.co/xxXxx



Announce when the deal ends to encourage more sales.

{SiteName}: The most scary thing this Halloween is how big our discounts got! Shop away with 30% OFF sitewide. Ends tomorrow: https://smsb.co/xxXxx



Start with an action phrase and create some mystery around your sale.

{SiteName}: Chase the spooks away this Halloween with hauntingly low prices never seen before! Use code SPOOK18! Ends tomorrow: https://smsb.co/xxXxx



Add some personality with emojis and a creative discount code.

‚Äč{SiteName}: Trick or treat! (emoji) Massive price drops on all our collections! (emoji) Shop now with code CREEPYSALES:



Keep it snappy. A catchy one-liner, your deal and straight to the link.

{SiteName}: All treats, no tricks! Sitewide 30% OFF with code PUMPKIN30 (emoji) 


Take these templates, twist them around and start preparing customers for your scary hot Halloween deals today!

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