Explode Sales This Valentine’s Day With Email and SMS

SMSBump is excited to announce our partnership with Chronos Agency, a company that prides itself in putting its clients first and increasing ROI by up to 30% through its personalized email marketing service.

We’re teaming up to help you generate more sales and maximize customer engagement by using our two marketing channels together.

Join us on Wednesday, January 8th for a presentation on how to create a powerful campaign strategy for Valentine’s Day using email and SMS marketing.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to grow your subscribers list using popups, shareable links, SMS keywords
  • Combining SMS and email to convey brand identity and drive immediate reaction
  • Retargeting your subscribers with effective segmentation filters
  • The power of automating your marketing processes by using email and SMS flows
  • Creating separate campaigns for loyal customers and everyone else

Stayed tuned for further info on the presentation on our social media channels!

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