6 Dropshippers to Draw Inspiration from This Black Friday

We all know the feeling. Black Friday is right around the corner and the stress level is through the roof.

Do I have the best offers out there?
Do I promote them right?
On the right channels? Am I targeting the right people?

All these questions (and more) are probably spinning around your head right this second.

You need something to get you through these next few days.

Well, we do have the “something” and the “someone”.

Get inspired by these 6 young dropshippers who have achieved crazy ROI just with SMSBump.

Andy Mai

Andy started dropshipping at the age of 18 but he has been in the art of selling since he was 8 - buying and reselling items on the video games he was playing. For about a year he was just dropshipping, trying different products, techniques, tools.

Then at the age of 19 he started his own YouTube channel where, as he puts it, he is “giving everything away”. All the secrets, shortcuts, things to avoid when dropshipping and so on. He is all about transparency and giving his mentees straightforward advice on how to make their business work. None of the fluff, just pure knowledge.


With SMSBump, Andy and his students have managed to get 20-25 % conversion rates on retargeting, when in comparison this number drops significantly with abandoned cart emails for instance, standing at just 5%.

He has set up a 3-step abandoned cart recovery SMS sequence:

Step 1: after 1 hour of abandonment - either a plain SMS reminder or with a 5% discount included
Step 2: 4 to 12 hours post cart abandonment - again, either a simple nudge or one giving a 10% discount.
Step 3: 1 to 3 days later with a 15% discount.

Andy says that the first abandoned cart automation brings in the best results, and overall he and his students are enjoying open rates of 50% and more.

"The open rates are just unbelievable with this app."

Andy also highly recommends jumping on SMS marketing as this is what the “top-dogs” do and most of them are keeping it low-key. He and his students are achieving 10% bonus profit with monthly or bimonthly SMS campaigns. He emphasizes that to grab your customer’s attention you should:

  1. Use emojis in the first line of text. Because who doesn’t like emojis.

  2. If applicable - use images or GIFs.

  3. Customize your lists so you know you are sending relevant offers that won’t go unnoticed.

Join him and his other mentees in his mentorship program and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram for more great and actionable advice on how to scale up your online business. 

Noah Brewer

Our buddy Noah was just twelve when he had his first encounter with the stock market and the world of digital commerce. But it wasn’t until age 16 that he actually started doing money-generated things. The pivoting point for him was when he dropped out of high school, had nothing to live off of and no back-up plan. So he had to quickly figure out what to do.


His first little bit of money he made going door-to-door offering to mow people’s lawns. 

Now Noah has about 50 6-figure stores under his belt. Some journey, right! And one way he chooses to market products is via SMS.

With SMSBump Noah spent only $60 which made him the outstanding $12 748, or in other words - a 21 000% ROI.

"This app is not just great for scaling but for testing as well."

His favorite part of the app are the automated abandoned cart reminders. As he puts it: “I just like to sit back and relax” and let the app do its mojo. Which is exactly how it works.

In particular, Noah likes to fire up notifications after 5 mins. Even though it might seem like too little time to give your customers to come back by themselves, Noah believes that it has an upside. He usually doesn’t include a discount in this first notification, but relies on the fact that customers will still be in a shopping mood, and possibly still on the website, when they get the message.

"I treat the 5-minute one as a welcome message. It is a way to show your customers that you care and you are an active company."

One important thing: Noah rarely changes the templates, as according to him they do a fantastic job just the way they are. Thank you for the confidence you have in us, Noah!

"I’ve tested different things. Savvy texts. Nothing works better than the default one. SMSBump did a fantastic job choosing the right wording."

Noah also has a 1-hour post abandonment notification enabled. He says it is important to stay on your customers early on, and reminds that you shouldn't change the template pitch. With this second automation though, he likes to give his customers a bit of an incentive for them to come back - 5% off, embedded into the link of the product or collection it is valid for. 

He believes that if merchants implement SMSBump in their sales strategy, they are guaranteed to make extra profit. Check out Noah's YouTube channel where he posts pure value-bombs at least once a week. 


Brandon Billett

Brandon started dropshipping about 3 years ago, and he still remembers the first ever product he was selling - swim bait fishing lure. His first experience with SMSBump was a true game changer for him. He started using the app mainly to grow subscribers and then continued to target those numbers with abandoned cart automations. With SMS, he was able to reach a whole other audience niche and to boost his conversion rates by 25%.


In his most recent video, Brandon is showing us a tremendous conversion rate of 76% and ROI of about 3900% from abandoned cart reminders, and 211% ROI from text marketing.

He has set up a 2-step abandoned cart recovery sequence that seems to be working very well. First automation goes off after 6 minutes, and the second - after 3 hours. Brandon has also enabled two other types of automations: order created and shipping confirmation, both very important for the after-sales care part and help build a stronger bond with your customers.

“Don’t sleep on text message marketing...Now I don’t even build any stores out without incorporating SMSBump!”

And if that isn’t a truly awesome testimonial, we don’t know what is. We wish you luck, Brandon! Keep rocking it with SMS!


Dom Morace

Dom first started dropshipping when he had just turned 18, or just over a year ago. He had several unsuccessful attempts to find winning products and learned many valuable lessons, all of which he teaches in his mentorship course. To stay on top of things, you can join his Facebook group, where he shares all the golden nuggets he finds along his eCommerce journey, including precise strategies, examples, as well as preferred channels he uses to market products.

One of the apps he sees as a must-have tool to increase your sales is exactly SMSBump.

Dom’s encounter with SMSBump has brought him great bonus profit, with having spent just a few dimes. He invested just $2 in automated abandoned cart recovery text messages, which ended up recovering 25% of the left-behind orders and brought him $613.5. In revenue terms - in the matter of 30 days he scored nearly 25 000% ROI with just one automated reminder, sent after 5 minutes.

“This app is the best one I’ve used so far for abandoned cart recovery and retargeting in general. It’s seriously one of my favorite Shopify apps.”

Here is an Instagram post with even greater results.


Check out how he did it:

Otis - the Ecom Wizard


Otis isn’t the wizard of Oz but he is one of the wizards in the eCommerce world of magic and sales. His dropshipping journey began in 2015 from a "Toys R Us" factory. Fresh out of his first year as a university student, he did this for about 4 weeks in the summer to make some much needed pocket money.

After quitting, he ended up signing up for the free Shopify plan to design his store. Otis had no idea what he was doing, he put in a lot of all-nighters to make it work and the store eventually took off, selling cat necklaces to the UK market only. He was using Facebook Ads to market the product but was still unfamiliar with how to make the most out of them.

His cat necklaces got zero sales.

Since then, Otis has been experimenting, trying different things, stepping out of his comfort zone, taking the extra steps to make sure his business is going in an upward direction. At the age of 22 his stores were already generating him 6 figures in revenue. He now has his own courses, runs a Mastermind group and shares his insights with the world.

SMSBump is one of Otis’s ways to communicate closely with his audience. In just 15 days, he made over $1000 and only spent $20, or a total of more than 5600% ROI. He really did some SMSBump wizard tricks that scored him a home-run of a 100% conversion rate! Crazy, right?

Otis’s favorite automation combo is the 3-step abandoned cart sequence:

Step 1: Send a notification after 5 mins of abandonment
Step 2: After 1 hour
Step 3: After 1 day

Not only this, but Otis also is a huge fan of the product upsell automation and makes sure to always have it enabled so he keeps the relationship with his customers live for longer.


And guess what - he is giving away the exact templates he used that won him these extra sales. Take a look:

Drew Heifetz

Drew owns a Brick and Mortar vintage store in Toronto, Canada, which specializes in 80s and 90s vintage, reworked vintage and everything in between. They work with some of the biggest brands and designers in the world, supplying them with inspiration garments, or graphics, washes, cuts and fades, so customers can enjoy unique vintage clothing with contemporary style.


Liking to always stay on top of things, co-owner Drew Heifeitz spends a great deal of time researching and testing out new ways to promote his business. He first got to know about text marketing from Gary Vee, and tried SMSBump out at the end of July this year. Right from the get-go, Drew and the app became best buds especially in terms of recovering abandoned carts.

"It is absolutely killing it. I am getting over 7000% ROI. SEVEN THOUSAND! You heard that right, yes."


Drew says that the results he got from doing marketing with SMSBump are absolutely incomparable to Facebook ads, where you’d be lucky if you get a 5x ROI.

"Texts are converting. Texts are the future. For anybody who is doing any type of marketing - you need to get on texts!"

For his vintage store, Frank uses abandoned cart automations after 1 hour and 1 day

He goes more in detail about abandoned cart and shipping confirmation automations, new product launch notifications, and one of our other amazing features - Chats.

"Customers can actually text you back when you’ve texted them, and ask you questions."

Get a hold of what else he has to say: 

Last Words of Inspiration…

Want to become a successful dropshipper - start by contacting one of these awesome gents we just introduced you to. They have all the knowledge, passion and patience to take you from start to finish on your eCommerce journey.

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