Send the Right Message with Our COVID-Themed Pop-ups

Even amidst a global pandemic, a store owner`s gotta do what a store owner`s gotta do: try to grow despite the crisis.

Brands urgently need to address the current situation and reassure their customers, acknowledging that they are going through a rough period.

Keep in mind though - now is not the time to be pushy, instead - focus on gaining new subscribers by offering something interesting and valuable to people at home. This is an essential part of growing your business - to increase your subscribers base.

How to do it?

When it comes to online stores, pop-ups still remain one of the most convenient and effective ways to reach out and engage with your audience. After all, they have a 100% view rate, because they have to be seen to be closed. 

Furthermore, pop-ups are easy to set, they convey a message of your choice and will also help you increase your list of subscribers.

When you think of your message - try to be as honest and empathetic as possible. Show customers your human face and let them know they can rely on you, especially now. 

This collection of popups is going to be different from the ones you are used to… Our main goal here is to send a message to your customers that you are there for them, that everything is going to be alright, that we all are in this difficult situation together... 


Pop-up #1: We Stand Together

Using this pop-up will present your brand as hopeful and optimistic for the future. 

On one hand, looking at blue skies and white clouds will bring calmness and serenity to your visitors, and will keep them away from negative thoughts regarding the current global pandemic.

Daisies, on the other hand, symbolize innocence and purity. 

The copy of the message corresponds perfectly to the design, bringing reassurance and affirmation to visitors - we stand together.

It is best to display it on your homepage, after page load. This pop-up conveys a generic message and is suitable for all kinds of Shopify stores and businesses. 


Pop-up #2: Stay Home

This pop-up says it all: Stay Home! Relax! Whatever you need - we got it! It will be all delivered straight to your phone (and home).

Background is cheerful and peaceful. It emphasizes the positive sides of staying home - being able to rest and leave your mind wandering. 

The image is kind of blurry which is also intentional - it brings an extra pinch of relaxation and holiday mood.

This pop-up is also intended for your homepage, more like a welcome message, so again: 15-20 seconds after page load. It can be applied to all kinds of stores and industries.


Pop-up #3: Keep Stylish

Pop-up #3 will bring some color to your store.

The headline suggests that even if you have to stay at home for days - you can always try and make the best out of this situation! 

And why don`t use all this free time and energy to make some changes in the interior? Something that you`ve always wanted, but you waited for the perfect moment.

The design is simple, yet sleek and artistic. It makes you want to bring some color and excitement to the (sometimes dull) routine, being isolated at home.

This pop-up is most suitable for home decor stores that want to increase subscribers and offer discount deals to customers. You can set it to open on your home page, 15 seconds after page load, or when a visitor scrolled through 60% of the website. Or create a special product page, such as a Home Decor DIY ideas, and display this pop-up on this page only.


Pop-up #4: Break the Routine

When considering the design of your next pop-up during COVID-19 crisis times, it is always a good idea to choose bright pastel colors. They strongly contribute to a calm and serene feeling among visitors.

The copy of the message is related to the row of colorful rooftops - break the every-day routine. It resembles a view from your window while you are staying at home in isolation and the only thing you see are the houses on the same street.

And while you are dreaming of travelling and new experiences, the pop-up offers to bring this desired excitement straight to your phone.

Remember how we talked about not bothering your customers too often in these difficult times? Once a month is a suitable time period to come up with a new offer. Don`t be too pushy and initiate weekly text marketing campaigns, it will be too aggressive and no one wants that right now.

We suggest you put this pop-up banner as an exit-message for your visitors from your store - think of it as a last chance to grab their attention and turn them from visitors to subscribers. 


Pop-up #5: Chill Out

This pop-up combines the idea of reaching out to your website visitors during these difficult times and offering them a small incentive to become your subscribers and eventually customers.

Chill out at home - this is the part of the message where you acknowledge the current situation when we all have to stay at home. But it is not necessarily a bad thing, right? You can just relax and enjoy some unexpected time off from work or other activities.

Colors are soothing and comforting, this is a typical home atmosphere. And “Grab your gift” is the perfect call-to-action you can use to grab your visitors’ attention!

The $10 gift discount is something very appealing, so don't hesitate to set this pop-up to open approximately 10 seconds after page load. Easily suitable to all kinds of stores and campaigns!


Pop-up #6: Open for Business

This is another one of these generic, suitable-for-all types of pop-up banners.

Headline says it all: COVID-19 update. Straight to the point!

The whole message of this pop-up is crystal clear - we are here for you, we are open for business.

Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It gives people the sense of trust, faith and stability.  

Design is simple, yet fulfilling. 

This pop-up can be set to display for example 15 seconds after page load, since it addresses directly the current COVID-19 situation.


Pop-Up #7: Pie Anyone?

This finger-licking pop-up will make your visitors instantly subscribe to your list - it is so tempting and delicious!

When you are stuck at home, cooking and eating are among the few activities people intend to indulge in while the quarantine lasts.

So all food or cooking related stores can address their visitors with this pop-up and make sure they gain a lot of new subscribers! 

Colors are bright and appealing, while the white background gives a sense of home comfort and cleanliness. The copy is short and memorable.

And let's not forget the additional incentive - free shipping with the first purchase. Offering customers free shipping is a small, but nice gesture in these difficult times. It will make your brand stand out from the crowd and show how much you appreciate and value your customers.


Pop-up #8: Isolation Fashion

Yes, we might be at home. Yes, we might not go out as much... But no one said we should be laying on our couch in our pajamas every day! Quite the opposite! 

Experts advise people to create a daily routine, including some morning exercises, dressing up for work-related Zoom meetings or simply visiting the grocery store. All these small things and rituals will help us get through these difficult times.

Fashion lovers will use all the spare time to browse through latest spring fashion trends. So now is the time for all clothing stores to create a quick pop-up banner and gain some new subscribers!

The design and copy of this pop-up are simple and direct - Stay home, Look rad!


Mobile Pop-Ups

Our mobile pop-up templates are bright and colorful with the attempt to bring some flavor to the daily routine of all people staying at home.

And the message is basically the following: Yes, you are at home now. But this doesn't mean you will miss out on all the great offers and deals we have for you!

Don't underestimate the power of mobile pop-ups! By using some of them you will allow your US and Canada-based store visitors to subscribe to your list with a simple tap on their phones. Yes, it is that easy. 


Final Thoughts

This was our selection of COVID-19 related pop-ups, already available in your SMSBump Growth tools section. Simply choose a template, edit the copy to fit your purposes and your pop-up will be ready in no time!

And if you are looking for more detailed information on how to best use text marketing in the present situation, check out our latest eBook - Leverage SMS in Times of Crisis.

We hope we have been useful to you and you will find a way to apply some of these ideas for your next campaign.

And let's not forget:

Kindness is the most important detail right now.

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