19 Creative COVID-19 Related SMS Templates

They say every crisis is an opportunity. And that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. If you are a business owner you might be wondering how to navigate these uncertain times. 

We at SMSBump are here to help you with some suggestions on how to reach out to your customers during the quarantine. After all, in times like these it is not always easy to find the right words.

According to a new survey from Edelman, people tend to purchase from companies that speak out about the pandemic appropriately.

What to do: use a positive, hopeful, delicate and empathetic tone when addressing the situation, be authentic, sincere, show compassion and care.

What not to do: make inappropriate jokes or comments, encourage people to go outside or gather in groups, be pushy and imply urgency as in “last chance”/”limited quantities”, etc.

Millions of people spend most of their time at home now, with limited options to work and have fun.  

So it is extremely important to reach out and offer support: in terms of kind words, consolation, small (but tasteful) jokes and of course - some incentive to make their online purchases.

In our selection of COVID-19 related SMS templates we show you 19 creative ways to approach your customers. We used as an inspiration Yotpo’s most recent Consumer Research, which focuses on the 10 product categories customers are most interested in during this time period, such as food, health and wellness, beauty etc. 


{SiteName}: Bored at home? Here's a $15 gift voucher for your next purchase! Shipping and return are also on us! Enjoy! {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: Hi {FirstName}, as our loyal customer this April we offer you a 60% discount on our “Luxury & Me” collection. Stay home in style: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Home Decor

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, we have extended our Stay-at-home Sale until end of April. Enjoy 15% off selected items: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

{SiteName}: Spending some time at home? Why not reorganize your closet? Check out our top 7 ideas! 15% off on your next order: {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out.

Grocery Stores

{SiteName}: Stuck in the kitchen with limited shopping options? Check out some fresh recipes - all limited to 6 ingredients only! {SiteUrl}. Text STOP to opt out. 


{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, want to take your girl out for a nice meal? No need - we can bring it straight to you! Bon Appetit! {SiteUrl}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Online Book Stores

{SiteName}: Happiness is… starting a new book! Choose yours among 3600 new titles this April! Stay home… and ENJOY IT! {SiteUrl}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Beauty Products

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, order our new Pamper Package with 15% discount and indulge in some well deserved self-care while at home!{DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Online Courses

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, now might be the best time to master a new skill! Enjoy a 10% off on all our educational materials this month! {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Toy Stores

{SiteName}: Work from home with bored kids in isolation? Say no more! 35% discount on ALL toys this April!{DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Fitness Supplements & Sport Equipment

{SiteName}: Need an energy boost? Join our new weekly training sessions with a special 30% discount from us:
{DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, now is the time to set up that home gym you always wanted! Here is a 15$ gift voucher for all sporting gear this April! {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Yoga Studio

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, now is a great time to start daily yoga practice at home! Enjoy 30% discount from us on all yoga equipment: {DiscountCodeURL} Reply STOP to opt out. 

Family Activities

{SiteName}: Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH time with the family? We got your back! 30% discount on all family board games! Have Fun! {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

Show Support

{SiteName}: We`ve extended returns to 60 days and made deliveries contactless. Just so you can continue shopping with us safely and securely!{SiteUrl}. Text STOP to opt out. 

{SiteName}: Hey {FirstName}, we are in this together! Take a look at our most recent social initiative and join us in our cause: {SiteUrl}. Text STOP to opt out.

{SiteName}: Psst… We are just stopping by to tell you: we are here for you! Enjoy a 15% discount and unlimited free shipping and return! {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

We at {SiteName} are more focused than ever on helping and supporting local communities affected by COVID-19. Find out more on: {SiteUrl}. Join us, too! Text STOP to opt out. 

{SiteName}: You stay home, we`ll do the rest for you. 20% off your next order - safe and secure, no-contact deliveries to your home! {DiscountCodeURL}. Text STOP to opt out. 

We hope our COVID-19 related SMS templates inspired you for your next text marketing campaign!

Apply some of these ideas to your Shopify SMS marketing and show your customers some extra care and support in these tough times!

And one last thing from us...

If you want to take it to the next level with some advanced SMS strategies, take a look at our most recent eBook. It will give you all the necessary tools you need in order to expand your business even during these times of crisis.

And don`t forget - stay home, stay healthy!

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