All Great Leaders Read: Introducing eBook Central

You may have heard the famous quote from writer and feminist Margaret Fuller, “today a reader tomorrow a leader.”

It rings especially true today for Shopify store owners, as SMSBump is proud to announce eBook Central. eBook Central is a virtual library full of free downloadable eBooks written to help you grow your eCommerce business with text marketing and automations.

Our ultimate goal is to teach you how to succeed by sharing best practices, helpful tips and tricks as well as effective campaign examples along the way. By making reading a habit and putting knowledge into practice, you will be on your way to becoming a true SMS marketing genius!


How to Start Reading

  1. From SMSBump’s homepage click on eBook Central under Resources in the header menu.

  2.  Browse around, and click on an eBook of your choice to see an overview of its contents and what you’ll learn. 

  3. Fill in your details, and click the Receive eBook button. You will receive an email with your copy of the eBook. Happy reading!

The Benefits of SMSBump’s eBooks

  • Learn on the go. Develop your eCommerce marketing skills anywhere and on any device.

  • Get inspired. Use our tried and trusted campaign templates when launching your next text marketing campaign.

  • Solve challenges. Refer to concepts taught in a specific chapter when making tough decisions.

  • Make it happen. Apply what you learn directly in the SMSBump app and see your sales grow!


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