A New and Improved A/B Testing Experience

SMSBump is excited to release its new and improved A/B testing feature.  All SMSBump Plus users will now be able to pre-test their campaigns in order to send the message that will give the highest conversion. 

In a nutshell: during the test, different text messages will compete against each other to achieve the winning value you set. The winning value can either be the number of link clicks, orders, or revenue. Once the winning value is reached, or after the test time runs out, the winning text message will be sent to the remaining subscribers outside of the test groups, maximizing your chance for conversion.


What’s New

  • Decide how many test sets, or text messages will compete against each other.

  • You can choose a winning value that determines the best message that will get sent. That can either be the number of link clicks, orders made, or revenue generated by the message.

  • Set a test period duration. After the test time is up, the message that achieved the best results will be sent to the rest of your subscribers.


Start Testing Now

Read our tutorial to learn how to run an A/B test and send out the best-crafted message that will give you the highest conversion rate!

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