3 Actions to Extend Your Black Friday Sales

Congrats! You’ve created brand excitement, customers are engaging with your store on social media and you’re raking in the cash from Black Friday promos. Your sales funnel is flowing and everyone is happy with their purchase. What more could you want? Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind generating some extra Black Friday profit past November 29th. Converting your high-traffic into sales shouldn’t end on Black Friday. Give a last push to keep the orders rolling and increase revenue with these 3 actions.


1. Fill Two Needs With One Deed

Let’s start off on the day of Black Friday. Your first SMS marketing campaign should be short and sweet, and sent to all of your subscribers. Head over to Text Marketing, and select all text subscribers as your target audience. Set the campaign scheduling to November 29 at 12:00 PM and tick the box send based on customers' timezone. Make sure that smart sending is disabled so your campaign sends to all of your subscribers. Attach an image or GIF that instantly grabs attention. Your message could look something like this:

“HomeZone: Hey Ana, decorate your space without breaking the bank! Get in on our Black Friday sitewide deal: 20% OFF today only. {DiscountURL} STOP to opt out”




Build an Abandoned Cart Flow 

Next, you should build an abandoned cart flow targeting both high and low spenders. This will allow you to recover lost sales strategically and maximize your revenue. Navigate to the Flows Library and select create flow next to High Value vs Low Value Abandoned Cart Flow




This flow is already premade for you, but you can edit the total cart values according to your products’ pricing range. I recommend you leave the delays as is for optimal results. You should start off with an MMS to high-spenders and a generous discount. Tick send a grid of product images for a visual reminder of the items they left behind. Meanwhile, send an SMS with a deal that’s slightly lower for your low-value customers. If there is no purchase after the set delay, you can set up a last chance SMS to send out for both high and low value customers.  Here’s some inspiration for how the messages might look like:




High-Value Customer:

"HomeZone: Hi, Steve. You’ve left some items in your cart. Hurry to get 25% OFF for completing your order here: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}. STOP to opt out"




After 24 hrs:

"{SiteName}: Hey Steve. We all get distracted. Last chance to get 25% OFF on your abandoned cart. Order here: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}. STOP to opt out"




Low-Value Customer:

"HomeZone: Hi, Tom. You’ve left some items in your cart. Act now and get 15% OFF for completing your order here: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}. STOP to opt out"



After 24 hrs:

"{SiteName}: Hey Tom. Don’t miss this deal! Last chance to get 15% OFF on your abandoned cart. Order here: {AbandonedCheckoutUrl}. STOP to opt out"

Take it Further: Launch a new deal by the hour using Bold’s Scheduled Sales feature. 


2. Create a New Arrivals Frenzy

Once the Black Friday sales start coming in, it’s time to step up your game and extend the promotions with something bigger. By adding deals on a new product the two days leading up to Cyber Monday, you’ll guarantee sales by letting FOMO lead to an instant purchase. You should definitely highlight the product’s strengths and your customer’s need to have it. Remember to include a strong product image, and add some personality with your word choice. 




Day 1: (November 30) 

“Woolyz: Hi Lia! We want you to stay cozy in our newest cashmere sweater. Get it 30% off today only. {DiscountURL} Stop to opt out”


Day 2: (December 1)

"Klasp: Hey Pat! Get to your next meeting in style with 40% off on our new leather watch from the Evertime collection. Deal ends at midnight! {DiscountURL} Stop to opt out”


Take it Further: Be a friend and make gift recommendations. Target your subscribers with an awesome deal using the specific product segment filter and offer a product based on a past purchase interest.


3. Act Fast: Cyber Monday Flash Sale 

December 2nd is when you go all out. Cyber Monday is the day when you should launch a 24 hr flash sale that will make customers stock up on numerous items. Flash sales are meant to evoke an instant purchase due to a sense of urgency and a low inventory. Whether you choose to make the deal on a certain product, collection or storewide, decide on a fixed amount that will send the customer to checkout in an instant!




“Rozyglo: Hey Lisa! Our Monday Madness sale is on: 50% OFF all makeup items. You have 24 hrs to stock up...Go! {DiscountURL} STOP to opt out”


“Tekhome: Hi Liam! Guess what? Today only: 40% OFF on all home electronics! Get an additional 5% OFF for every third TV accessory. {DiscountURL} STOP to opt out”


Take it Further: Offer multi-buy deals by giving customers a discount on a three piece set, increasing the discount if they add a fourth item.


And that’s a Wrap

Outsmart the calendar and maximize your sales by following this action plan and extending your promos past Black Friday. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!


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