How To Target Your SMS Marketing Campaigns For A Specific Country

You can now use SMSBump to enhance the targeting of your SMS marketing campaigns even more. You can reach customers worldwide and target specific countries and regions with your SMS promotions.

This is one of the new improvements we made to the Custom Filters in your Text Marketing campaigns.

Let’s show you how to adjust your campaign accuracy for the right target audience and budget.

To find the Custom Filters, go to Text Marketing and choose Shopify Customers.

Send To: This is where you select your audience. Click Custom filters.

Select Custom Filters for Your SMSBump Text Marketing Campaign

To select the way you want to filter your audience, click the Apply Filters button.

View All Filter Options for Targeting Your Audience

Click the Select filter dropdown and then select Located in to filter by Country and Region.

Select Country to Narrow Down Your Shopify Target Audience

After selecting Located in, you will get the next dropdown to select the country you want to target.

Select the country you want to send a marketing campaign for.

Select the Country for Your SMS Marketing Campaign in Shopify

The final step is to select a specific Region or State.

For example California, United States.

Select State or Region for Your SMS Marketing Targeting Audience

When you’re done, you will see the complete filter is confirmed.

This means, the Text Marketing campaign you’re about to promote will only be sent to customers you have in California, United States.

Target Audience Filter Applied to SMS Marketing Campaign in Shopify

You’re All Set!

You can now see the country and state where you’re about to reach your customers in your new Campaign Overview. This is where you can confirm whether you’re sending to the right location and make adjustments with your budget.

SMS Marketing Campaign Target Audience & Budget Overview

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