API and Code

Getting estimates

You get estimates using the /estimate method

Get estimatesGET

This method will return price estimates based on phone number you are sending to. It accepts GET requests to the following URL with the required parameters in red below.


Required parameters
{apikey} You obtain an API key (also known as app) by signing up
{to} This is the recipient phone number of the message in international format without special symbols. For example: 16176006661

Request sample

Here is a request with a sample dummy data


Response sample

If there is no error code returned, the response of such a sample request would be similar to this one.

    status: "success",
    data: {
        estimate: [
                sms_price: "0.0756",
                country: "Bulgaria",
                iso: "BG",
                network: "GloBul",
                prefix: "359"
        currency: "usd"

Data formats

The supported formats for this request are JSON and XML. If you prefer to get an XML response, just replace the extension of the request from .json to .xml

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