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Logging into the Yotpo SMSBump Sales Channel

A Shopify sales channel is a platform you use to sell and promote your products. It makes reaching customers where they are easier, provides a seamless shopping experience, and drives more sales. With the latest changes in the platform, Yotpo SMSBump is now a sales channel


This quick tutorial will show you how to log into Yotpo SMSBump from your Shopify sales channels. 


Where to find the Yotpo SMSBump sales channel


You can easily access Yotpo SMSBump from your Shopify Admin page. Click on the arrow next to Sales channels, and find SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email in the search bar. Our channel will automatically appear on the left menu, where you can pin it for quick access. You can access the app from there by simply clicking on the Open Yotpo SMSBump button!



Sales Channel


You can still find us any time by searching for SMSBump in the main Shopify search bar or from Apps!


This was our quick tutorial on logging into to Yotpo SMSBump sales channel. If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at any time!


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