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Integrate Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Reviews to Gather Customer Content

There is no better way to start a partnership than joining the capabilities of our two apps so customers can benefit even further from the strong points of the two services. This first act is a stepping stone towards our common goal: to create a fully integrated single-point platform, where brands can manage their entire marketing from. And guess what - the integration is free of charge on all SMSBump plans


Let’s show you how you can integrate and use Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Reviews to send Customer Review Automations via SMS and enjoy better open and response rates. 


Keep in mind that in order to connect the two apps, you need to have both installed on your Shopify store. 


Connect Yotpo SMSBump and Yotpo Reviews

As a first step to connecting your SMSBump and Reviews accounts, go to your SMSBump side menu and click on Integrations. You should then see Yotpo Reviews and UGC as one of the available options, and click on it. 

Integrations menu

You will be taken to the next step, where you can briefly get to know Yotpo and what you’d be able to do with the integration as its main features. Once you’ve reviewed this, click Install to proceed with the integration process. 



You will be redirected to your Yotpo account where you have to authorize the integration process in order to complete connecting the two apps. 


Review the access requirements and hit Authorize once you are done. 



You will jump back to your SMSBump account where you can now Enable or Disable the Yotpo integration. 


The Overview panel is where you can Enable or Disable the integration. To go straight to one of the automations, simply click the desired hyperlink connection. To go to your Yotpo page for further customization (which we will show you in a second here), click the third link. 

The Reviews and SMSBump integration allows you to automate:


  • Product Reviews: ask your customers via SMS to give their feedback on how they like the item they purchased from you. 
  • Site Reviews: get your customers’ opinion on their overall experience with your brand via SMS. 


Besides textual, you will also be able to collect visual UGC upon connecting the two apps, i.e photos and videos your customers created. 


Important: With both automations, besides an SMS, customers will also receive an email, in case they want to give their feedback later on, from a desktop computer for instance. 

To fire up either of the two automations, Product Review or Site Review, you need to first Enable it. 

Once you’ve done that and clicked Configure automation, you will be redirected to your Automation menu in SMSBump, where the two new Yotpo automations will show alongside the rest of your active or inactive automations. To make edits, you need to click on the blue button (Edit). This is one of the ways to access them to make further edits. 

Setting Up a Product or Site Review Automation


Next step is editing the messages. 


With both of them you have the option to give them a unique name for better tracking of the performance of each automation.


Afterwards, you can start creating your text message. It is up to you to decide if you want to add extra spice to your text with an image and turn it from a plain SMS into an interactive MMS. Simply tick the Attach image or GIF checkbox and select a visual from Pexels, a GIF from Giphy, or upload one yourself. 

Next up: time to put your writing skills to test with some copywriting. Remember to always begin your message with your store name, so customers know who is reaching out to them. For an even more personalized touch, use your recipient’s first name. Both of these actions you can configure with the available short codes


Speaking of short codes, each of the two automations has one short code they won’t fire up if not included in the text message as they won’t be able to serve their purpose. 


With the Product Review one this is the {YotpoProductReviewUrl}:

​...while for the Site Review one, this is the {YotpoSiteReviewUrl}: 

These short codes lead the customers to Yotpo’s standard landing page where they can leave a review, and without them they won’t be able to access this page and give their feedback. 


If you by accident delete them, when you try to save your message or send a test one, an Error window will pop up, letting you know you can’t activate the automation without the respective short code. 

Once you are ready with this, you can send yourself a Test message to make sure your text is just as you wanted it to be. 


All set? Great. Now onto the final and very important steps which will ensure the integration is active and works properly. 


Navigate back to your Yotpo account. From the Yotpo side menu, go to Collect Reviews, and then hit Automatic Review Requests. You will see the SMS Configuration field, and will see that the Collect post-purchase reviews by text message and email checkbox is already pre-selected to make sure that the review requests will also be sent via SMS. Otherwise, if this is not enabled, your subscribers will only receive an email, but not an SMS, even if the automation is enabled in your SMSBump account. 

If, for any reason, this checkbox is not visible or is not preselected, make sure to contact Yotpo support directly from within your Admin. 

From the Yotpo menu you can also configure the timing of each automation. 


For instance, with the site review automation - you can ask customers for feedback almost right after they interacted with your store, whereas with the product review one - you should allot some time for the item to be shipped to them before you fire it up. How much that would be is entirely up to your store’s individual shipping policy and options. 

Here you can read further about what additional changes you can make on Yotpo’s side to perfect your product or site review reach out. 

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