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Transactional messages FAQs


What are transactional messages?


Transactional messages inform customers of the status of their order, payment, shipment, or subscription


When do customers receive transactional messages?


Customers who have completed an order and entered their phone number for shipping updates, in their billing address or as contact information, will receive transactional messages.  


Do customers have to be marketing subscribers to receive transactional messages?


No. The Yotpo SMSBump transactional messages will be sent to all customers who have completed an order, not just existing subscribers.


What types of transactional messages can be sent with Yotpo SMSBump?


Yotpo SMSBump transactional messages have the following triggers: 

  • New order

  • Shipping confirmation

  • Shipping update

  • Order update

  • Yotpo Product Review Request

  • Order paid

  • ReCharge failed charge

  • ReCharge upcoming charge

  • ReCharge subscription cancelled

  • Order cancelled

  • New ReCharge subscription

  • Order refund

  • Customer deleted

  • Shipping created

  • Subscription confirmation

  • Subscription cancellation

  • Payment problem

  • Subscription renewal reminder

  • Manage subscriptions

Users can easily create transactional flows based on those triggers or activate the existing flow templates to keep customers informed.



Can I include a promotional element in a transactional message?


Transactional messages are limited in content as their purpose is to inform. Sending marketing messages without explicit consent can result in fines. However, users who wish to promote their SMS program can add the following texts to their transactional message


[Transactional text] Sign up/Join our Text Club to stay in the know on all of our latest offers and updates: [signup page link]


[Transactional text] Join our SMS program to stay in the know: [signup page link]



Can I customize Yotpo SMSBump’s transactional messages?


Yes. Yotpo SMSBump lets you personalize your transactional messages within the flow builder and improve your post-purchase experience. 



Should I disable Shopify’s native transactional messages?


Yes. When using Yoto SMSBump’s transactional messages, you should ensure you have disabled Shopify’s native notifications to avoid getting double-charged. ‚Äč



If you have more questions or feedback, feel free to contact us anytime! 


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